Letters for later

To celebrate 30 years of imagetanz, brut in collaboration with choreographer and writer Claire Lefèvre, presents Letters for later, a writing initiative by and for performance artists and students. As an attempt to multiply the written content about the performance scene in Vienna, this project also aims to give a voice to writers with a wide spectrum of experiences and viewpoints.
, © Claire Lefèvre

Letters for later

, © Paula Reissig

Henrike Iglesias OH MY

, © Ina Aydogan

Cat Jimenez & Maiko Sakurai Karner – WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

, © Sebastiano Sing

Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand – sans culottes

, © Alex Franz Zehetbauer

Alex Franz Zehetbauer – wet dreaming at 52Hz

, © Alexander Kjutev

Handle with care mit Inge Gappmaier – protect.

, © Volume

Jasmin Hoffer / Sara Lanner / Liv Schellander – Volume

, © Ilkka Saastamoinen

Elina Pirinen, Suvi Kemppainen, Karolina Ginman, Leena Nordberg in "Brume de Mer"

, © Ramiro Wong

Handle with care mit Asher O'Gorman – the way of ink ••º•. a performative ceremony celebrating the dynamics of human and non-human bodies

, © Matteo Fieni

Zoë Schreckenberg – Nach dem Aufstehen und vor dem Liegen

, © Mani Froh

Sophia Hörmann – GLOWING current moods

, © Valérie Reding

Malika Fankha Oxy Moron – eine Cyborg Utopie

Reaching into the past and looking into the future, 8 festival alumni and 8 students of dance, performance and theatre studies are invited to write about works from the festival’s 2019 programme. Texts from experienced makers are put in parallel with those of aspiring artists, creating a layered and multi-generational dialogue upon the performances. 

Poems, interviews, and other writing formats will be welcome, offering the festival’s artists with constructive and delicate reflections upon their pieces, while also providing the audience with a plurality of perspectives upon the curated works. The edited texts will be available on brut’s website shortly after the performances take place. 

As an addition to critical reviews, this online publication will focus more on shared thoughts and less on judgement, aiming to spark conversations and exchanges between members of the scene and those interested. Like letters to be read right away or a bit later, to keep the discourse alive after the shows are over, to think and feel and wonder together.


Claire Lefèvre is a French choreographer, performer and writer based in Vienna. She took part in imagetanz in 2016 and 2017 with her works Function Man and S/M.


With Alex Bailey, Christine Gaigg, Deborah Hazler, Costas Kekis, Evandro Pedroni, Dorothea Zeyringer u. a.

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