Malika Fankha – Oxy Moron. A Cyborg Utopia

Queer non-binary performing artist Mzamo Nondlwana writes a letter inspired by "Oxy Moron" to the future and to the Hottentot Venus.
, © Valérie Reding

Malika Fankha- Oxy Moron

Dear future,

Firstly I want to apologise. I want to apologise on behalf of the world for the violence it has imposed on folks with uteruses. I have to acknowledge that as a person who doesn't have a uterus I cannot even comprehend the damage, the generational impact, which this violence causes. The white supremacist capitalist patriarchal system needs to be demolished. Even if your pain is not seen but its intensity permeates worlds beyond. No one has any right to you and the body you are inhabiting. Your are magic.

Dear Future I want to let you know that the work is being done to dismantle this system that is based on violence in its multiple facets. It is messy, confusing and all that you can imagine, but folks are doing the work. Dear Future, intersectionality should be taught to each individual, especially to folks who create work that is presented to the public. Dear future we as creators need to be responsible of what kind of images we display on stage. Fat suits and enlarging of buttocks are very violent especially to folks who live with them from day to day. These images have a very traumatic history and many folks do not have the privilege of putting them on and off whenever they feel like it. This also has the dangerous potential of erasing folks who inhabits such bodies, and often the stories are told for comic relief and that in itself is an act of violence. Dear Future, the art market especially the western art market should keep up with the world. There are folks with multiple bodies, who can tell their own stories from their own experience. Representation is important.


Sincerely Yours

present self


A love note to the Hottentot Venus

Dear Hottentots Venus one day the world will see you holistically. One day the world will appreciate your potent body. The world will respect your body as they will soon understand that you are not just a body. Your curves tell stories of the forgotten traumatic history, your butt holds the fruits of spells and sounds of your people who where taken from your land to foreign lands. One day the world will understand that your body is not a costume but a symbol of an embodiment of the power that is beyond human comprehension. The sweet melodies hips make and that it cannot be taken away from you. At present everyone wants to be you, but no one want to be you when the world turns its back on you, when you cry cries louder than atomic bombs, when they choose when to hear you. You will be liberated. You are magic.


Mzamo Nondlwana a queer non-binary performing artist originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. Their work focuses on marginalized bodies and attempts to subvert colonial fantasy. They are also one half of a dj collective Bicha Boo which is an audio-visual performative collective since 2017.


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Malika Fankha – Oxy Moron. A Cyborg Utopia

Choreographer, performer and writer Claire Lefèvre shares her thoughts about the imagetanz performance "Oxy Moron" by Malika Fankha.
09.03.2020 - 11.03.2020

Malika Fankha

Oxy Moron

A Cyborg Utopia

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