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New Art on Air – The brut Wien Podcast

We love performance dance and theater and we love conversation. The podcast “New Art on Air” introduces artists from the independent performance, dance and theater scene and asks questions about artistic creation and the art of life, about what inspires, motivates and moves. We are Kira Kirsch and the team from brut Wien, the theater for New Art on Stage.
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Rough Translation – Grob gesagt: Krieg Edition 2 with Iryna Tsilyk (Recording in Ukrainian & German)

Readings & talks with Ukrainian poets. A cooperation of the Institute of Sprachkunst in cooperation with brut and the Literaturhaus Vienna. Iryna Tsilyk was the guestof the second edition.


The 12th edition of The Art of Assembly looks at the often productive, often ambivalent relationship between art and activism. Guets: Milo Rau, School of Resistance & The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

Gesellschaftsspiele: The Art of Assembly X – THE POLITICS OF MULTITUDE: ASSEMBLY AS STRATEGY (Anna Clara Basilicò / Rise Up For Climate Justice, Antonio Negri & Marco Baravalle)

In the tenth edition of "The Art of Assembly" Anna Clara Basilicò and Antonio Negri were guests, this time hosted by Marco Baravalle.

Gesellschaftsspiele. The Art of Assembly IX – REASSEMBLING INSTITUTIONS (Ahmed Al-Nawas, Nora Sternfeld, Sarah Waterfeld / Staub zu Glitzer & Florian Malzacher)

Can institutions be driving forces of change? Or are they doomed to be bastions of the status quo, capable of slow reforms at best? Arguments about institutions, instituting and institutionalizing are at the core of many progressive movements. But what would it actually mean to imagine institutions in a radical democratic way? How can we understand museums, theatres, galleries, festivals, biennales as assemblies – not only symbolically but by consequently re-negotiating their organizational structures?

Gesellschaftsspiele. The Art of Assembly – ARCHITECTURES OF HOSPITALITY

Hospitality – with all its seeming generosity – is a complex concept: Who is invited into our societies, our assemblies? What are the relationships between guests and hosts? Is unconditional hospitality possible? The architecture of public space, the infrastructures of coming together, the borders and thresholds around them inform how we come together, what is prevented from happening, what is possible.

Gesellschaftsspiele. The Art of Assembly: ASSEMBLISM (Jodi Dean, Jonas Staal & Florian Malzacher)

Professor for Political Science, Jodi Dean, and visual Artist, Jonas Staal, discuss the performative aspect of protests and assemblies for example the storming of Capitol Hill.

Gesellschaftsspiele. The Art of Assembly VIII: 10 YEARS OCCUPY WALL STREET (Judith Butler, Max Haiven & Florian Malzacher)

Judith Butler and Max Haiven were guests in the eight edition of "The Art of Assembly". The podcast is now available. The episode was created in cooperation with the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

Gesellschaftsspiele. The Art of Assembly VII: Agonistic Gatherings (Didier Eribon, Chantal Mouffe & Florian Malzacher)

Chantal Mouffe and Didier Eribon were guests in the seventh edition of "The Art of Assembly". The podcast is now available. The episode was created in cooperation with the Wiener Festwochen.
© Foto: Max Bohm

New Art on Air – Episode 4 feat. Gerhild Steinbuch

The Austrian author and dramaturge heads the Institute for Language Arts (Creative Writing) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and is co-founder of the Freundliche Mitte and Nazis & Goldmund / Hydra collective. She talks to brut's artistic director Kira Kirsch about writing for the stage, the challenge of running a university institute, working in a collective and Austrian trash tv.

New Art on Air – Episode 3 feat. Christophe Slagmuylder

What is it like to create an international theater festival during a global pandemic? Kira Kirsch and Christophe Slagmuylder talk about his career, transformative experiences and his definition of a good theater festival. The conversation revolves around contemporary performing arts in Brussels in the 80ies and how to take care of oneself in a stressful job by hiking in the wild nature.
Stefanie Sourial

New Art on Air – Episode 2 feat. Stefanie Sourial

Stefanie Sourial talks with Kira Kirsch about her career as an artist and her work on and behind the stage. She talks about the queer performance scene in Vienna, the development and content of her projects, major life decisions, formative influences and the personal doubts that accompany her biography.

New Art on Air – Episode 1 feat. Samara Hersch

Kira Kirsch speaks with Australian theatre maker Samara Hersch, whose interactive online performance celebrated it's Austrian premiere at brut's imagetanz festival 2021. Body of Knowledge at Home is invited to Impulse Festival 2021.
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