Technical Facts


brut nordwest is an accessible event venue in a former warehouse at Nordwestbahnstraße 8-10, 1200 Vienna, with a total floor space of 1,600m²

A fixed theater area - black box - is set up in the event area:
  • Width: approx. 16 m / length: approx. 36 m / height: 4.10 m (lower edge of the rig) up to a maximum of 4.70 m.
  • In the black box there is a fixed grandstand for a maximum of 180 seats plus two wheelchair users.
  • The hall floor consists of black-painted installation panels, black dance floor is standard.
  • Three standing truss constructions for hanging lighting fixtures, sound and video systems, stage sets, etc. are permanently installed. The maximum load capacity is 100kg/linear metres.
  • The theater area is curtained with flame retardant black curtains that can be opened on three sides. Double-leaf swinging doors are permanently installed in the entrance and exit areas.
  • There are also 30 plug-in foot platforms á 99x198 cm and 2 plug-in foot platforms á 99x99 cm, platform legs are available in increments of 18 cm each (36 cm / 54 cm / 72 cm /...).
  • The event area can be naturally and mechanically ventilated and, if necessary, heated or cooled.
  • The height to the lighting grid is 4.1m to 4.7m. Aluminum rods (48mm diameter) can be added if required.
  • A maximum of 192 dimmable channels of 3.2 kW each are available in the black box.
  • There is a sound system adapted to the room conditions (Kling & Freitag). Desks and side equipment can be made available as required.
  • Various Stumpfl screens and projectors are available.
General info
  • Hanging points for people are NOT possible in the rig.
  • There is a mobile working tower, an electric lifting platform and ladders for assembly work.
  • There are limited storage options.
  • The circuits for lighting, acoustics and video are installed separately and can be operated seperately.
  • The black box and the gray space are not acoustically decoupled/separated.
  • Theatrical effects (fog, etc.) are possible and require prior agreement.
Info for artists
  • In the rear area of ​​the hall there are 4 changing rooms, 2 toilets and 2 showers for artists. The changing rooms are open at the top and are therefore not acoustically separated from the hall.
  • Additional warm-up/rehearsal/office space can be made available in consultation.
  • The gray space in the entrance area is used as a theater foyer with mobile furniture. The other areas around the black box (suspended with black Molton) can be used as event areas upon request.
  • The window domes in this area are not darkened (daylight).

For detailed information on the technical equipment, please contact:

studio brut is a event and rehearsal space in Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Vienna.

The studio brut is located in the basement of a residential building. Due to the old building structure, there is no lift and the venue is therefore unfortunately not accessible without barriers.

The foyer room holds about 50 people. There is a small bar (only serving drinks), the furniture will vary. From the foyer there is access to toilets and the public wardrobe.

Behind the public wardrobe is the artist's wardrobe (4 places, WC and shower) with direct access to the hall.

From the foyer you can reach the hall via two stairs. In the hall there are three escape routes. The hall has 4 electric windows (electric shutters for darkening) and there is mechanical ventilation. There is no fire alarm system.
Theatre hall 13.1 m x 7.8 m, height to the grate is approximately 5.4m

The hall has a concrete screed without underfloor heating (it must NOT be screwed / drilled in the ground!). Dance floor can be provided. Notices Molton black available.

The standard version of the public seating is a grandstand for 74 spectators with a stage size of 6.5 m x 7.8 m. The maximum admission of the room is 99 persons (including actors).

Alustangenrost (48mm diameter) about every 1.5m in the distance. The maximum load of the grate is 50kg per linear meter. For assembly activities, there is a traveling workstation. The grate has a maximum of 60 dimmable channels of 2.3 kW each, as well as a light desk.

For futher questions, please contact us via mail.

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brut all over Vienna

brut nordwest


Nordwestbahnstraße 8-10, 1200 Vienna
Subway: U1, U2 (Praterstern), U4 (Friedensbrücke), U6 (Dresdnerstraße) Tram: 5 (Nordwestbahnstraße) Bus: 5A (Wasnergasse)

March 2023
4 A.M.
March 2023
A party called JACK
imagetanz 2023 Closing Party
March - April 2023
Verein Lebendiges Tanzarchiv Wien
Bliss. A Thing of the Past? An appropriation
April 2023
Stefanie Sourial, Faris Cuchi Gezahegn, Hyo Lee, Patu, Janine Jembere, Sunanda Mesquita
April 2023
Ulduz Ahmadzadeh | ATASH عطش contemporary dance company
Ancestors’ Banquet
May 2023
Other Mother
May - June 2023
Calixto Neto
June 2023
Mikheil Charkviani

brut at Zukunftshof

not accessible

Rosiwalgasse 41–43, 1100 Vienna
Subway: U1 (Alaudagasse), U6 (Am Schöpfwerk) / Suburban train: S60 (Blumental) / Bus: 16A (Indigoweg)

May 2023
Jasmin Hoffer
She does Dough, Dough does Her

Around brut nordwest

Nordwestbahnstraße 8–10, 1200 Vienna
Subway: U1, U2 (Praterstern), U4 (Friedensbrücke), U6 (Dresdnerstraße) Tram: 5 (Nordwestbahnstraße) Bus: 5A (Wasnergasse)

May - June 2023
Die Namenlosen
June 2023

Meeting point brut nordwest

Nordwestbahnstraße 8–10, 1200 Vienna
Subway: U1, U2 (Praterstern), U4 (Friedensbrücke), U6 (Dresdnerstraße) Tram: 5 (Nordwestbahnstraße) Bus: 5A (Wasnergasse)

June 2023
Bike tour

Different venues around brut nordwest

Nordwestbahnstraße 8–10, 1200 Vienna
Subway: U1, U2 (Praterstern), U4 (Friedensbrücke), U6 (Dresdnerstraße) Tram: 5 (Nordwestbahnstraße) Bus: 5A (Wasnergasse)

May - June 2023 & Simon Oberhammer feat. Otmar Wagner
ping pong split screen

brut at WUK Projektraum

not accessible

Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Vienna
U-Bahn: U6 (Währinger Straße / Volksoper), Tram: 40, 41, 42 (Währinger Straße / Volksoper), 5, 33 (Spitalgasse), 37, 38, 40, 41, 42 (Spitalgasse / Währinger Straße)

studio brut, Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Vienna

not accessible

Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Wien
Subway: U3 (Zieglergasse), Tram: 49 (Westbahnstraße / Zieglergasse)

March - April 2023
FRANZ Pop Collective
April 2023
Mirjam Sögner

brut nordwest – rehearsal space

not accessible

Nordwestbahnstraße 8-10, 1200 Vienna