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Veza Fernández – Neverwiederagain

Veza Fernández takes us on a poetic-choreographic walk in the park - with animal extras.
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Ingrid Berger Myhre & Lasse Passage recommend ...

Dive back into the evening of our imagetanz opening with artists Ingrid Berger Myrhe & Lasse Passage with their recommandation of what to hear and what to watch.
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"Now, Back To Me!" A podcast with Denice Bourbon

In this podcast the norm is queer, the feminism intersectional and the jokes are punching up.
Let's talk about brut

The City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs: One-time work grant based on COVID-19

The City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs is now offering freelance artists and freelance scientists with their main place of residence in Vienna the opportunity to apply for one-time work grants up to a maximum of 3,000 euros. Submission until April 29, 2020
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Lau Lukkarila – Nyxxx

Mathea Magdalena, a transgender artist interested in creating interactive visual and performative spaces, situations and environments with an interdisciplinary approach, share their letter for later inspired by Lau Lukkarila's "Nyxxx".
Welcome to the Fisch-Haus
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Video: Claire Lefèvre – "Welcome to the Fisch Haus" (2018) full version

Four mesmerizing mermaids invite you to the depth of their cabaret: "Welcome to the Fisch Haus"! In the sirens’ after-hours joint, the mystical creatures try to sprinkle some glamour throughout the agonizing length of their aquatic life span. Between land and sea, human and animal, reality and magic, they distract each other, serenade their drowned lovers, and seduce you, dear audience. – DER HANTOLOGISCHE KONGRESS
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Video:'s Exit Ghost Season 1 in full lenght

The first season of's "Exit Ghost" deals with the tragic events at the Augsburg State Theater and forms the prehistory for season 2, which will be created in April and May together with brut in Vienna.
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Video: Veza Fernández – When Eye Becomes Mouth (2018) full version

The new work by dancer/choreographer Veza Fernández adopts a feminist perspective in dealing with the emancipatory power of dance.
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Malika Fankha – Oxy Moron. A Cyborg Utopia

Queer non-binary performing artist Mzamo Nondlwana writes a letter inspired by "Oxy Moron" to the future and to the Hottentot Venus.
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GLOWING current moods Video Installation (Music: Thom Yorke "Dawn Chorus")

Sophia Hörmann war mit "Glowing current moods" Teil von imagetanz 2019 und präsentiert nun ihre Videoinstallation dazu mit der musikalischen Untermalung von Thom Yorkes "Dawn Chorus"
Let's talk about brut Isolated yet connected

Video: brut Wien – New Art on Stage

brut is a place for the production and presentation of performative works of art in Vienna and one of the most renowned institutions of the independent performance, dance and theatre scene in the German-speaking countries.
April 2020
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Aktuelle Spielorte

studio brut, Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Vienna

studio brut

Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Wien
U-Bahn: U3 (Zieglergasse), Tram: 49 (Westbahnstraße / Zieglergasse)

May 2020
Claire Lefèvre

brut am Viktor Adler Markt – Stand 129

Viktor-Adler-Markt, 1100 Wien
U-Bahn: U1 (Keplerplatz) Tram: 6, 11 (Reumannplatz)

April 2020
Exit Ghost II – Shooting Period 1

brut at GB* district office for district 21 and 22

Brünner Straße 34-38/8/R10 (Floridsdorf Market), 1210 Wien
U-Bahn: U6 (Floridsdorf) Tram: 30, 31 (Floridsdorfer Markt)

April 2020
Freundliche Mitte
Sportplatz Europa – Meet & Greet
May 2020
Freundliche Mitte

brut at Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

Burgring 7, 1010 Wien
U-Bahn: U2, U3 (Volkstehater) Tram: 1, 2, 46,, 71, D (Volkstheater) Bus: 48A (Volkstheater)

April 2020
Doris Uhlich
TANK / site specific

brut on the sports field of FV Floridsdorf

Jedlersdorfer Platz 25, 1210 Wien
U-Bahn: U6 (Floridsdorf), Tram: 30, 31 (Hanreitergasse)

April 2020
Freundliche Mitte
Europe, a Sports Field – Workshop
May 2020
Freundliche Mitte
Sportplatz Europa

brut at Das Rote Wien exhibition in the launderette of Karl-Marx-Hof

Halteraugasse 7, 1190 Wien
U-Bahn: U4 (Heiligenstadt) Tram: D (Halteraugasse)

May 2020
irreality tv
Exit Ghost II – Shooting Period 2
May 2020
Exit Ghost – Season II – the final

brut at Weltmuseum Wien

Heldenplatz, 1010 Wien
U-Bahn: U2, U3 (Volkstehater) Tram: 1, 2, 46,, 71, D (Volkstheater) Bus: 48A (Volkstheater)

May 2020
Stefanie Sourial
Colonial Cocktail (Cancelled)

brut at Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art

Laudongasse 15-19, 1080 Vienna
Tram: 5, 33 (Laudongasse, Lange Gasse), 43, 44 (Lange Gasse), Bus: 13A (Laudongasse)

June 2020
Alix Eynaudi
Noa & Snow – Poem #3

brut at Atelier Augarten

Scherzergasse 1a, 1020 Wien
U-Bahn: U2 (Taborstraße) Tram 2, 5 (Am Tabor)

May 2020
toxic dreams
The Art of Asking your Boss for a Raise