New Art on ... line

Karin Pauer & Aldo Giannotti – THE SCORE

NEW ART ON ... LINE ALL SUMMER LONG: Dance meets visual art in THE SCORE. Projected onto the floor, the minimalist black-and-white drawings by artist Aldo Giannotti create a choreographic score and movement guide. Karin Pauer, known among other things from her work in the performance company Liquid Loft, designs an artistic and social field for experimentation between art and choreography, joined by dancers Lau Lukkarila and Arttu Palmio. (VIDEO)

Gesellschaftsspiele. The Art of Assembly IX – REASSEMBLING INSTITUTIONS (Ahmed Al-Nawas, Nora Sternfeld, Sarah Waterfeld / Staub zu Glitzer & Florian Malzacher)

Can institutions be driving forces of change? Or are they doomed to be bastions of the status quo, capable of slow reforms at best? Arguments about institutions, instituting and institutionalizing are at the core of many progressive movements. But what would it actually mean to imagine institutions in a radical democratic way? How can we understand museums, theatres, galleries, festivals, biennales as assemblies – not only symbolically but by consequently re-negotiating their organizational structures?

Gesellschaftsspiele: The Art of Assembly – Shifting Power: When Grassroot Movements Win Elections (With Athena Athanasiou (Zoom), Teodor Celakoski, Marcelo Expósito & Florian Malzacher

In this edition of The Art of Assembly in cooperation with cultural worker and activist Teodor Celakoski (HR), Artist, activist and former member of the Spanish parliament Marcelo Expósito (ES) and philosopher Athena Athanasiou (GR) give insides in movements in their countries.

Gesellschaftsspiele: The Art of Assembly – Parliaments of Things and Beings (with Alexander Karschnia / andcompany&Co., Eva von Redecker & Florian Malzacher)

In this episode of The Art of Assembly, which took place in April 2022 at brut nordwest, the theatre group andcompany&Co. praises the intelligence of insects and considers renaming itself ANTCOMPANY, while philosopher Eva von Redecker proposes a “revolution for life” in order to escape the prison of capitalism and find new forms of solidarity: Care instead of domination, regeneration instead of utilization, participation instead of exploitation.

Gesellschaftsspiele: The Art of Assembly – AUDIENCE AS ALLIES, WITNESSES, AND ENEMIES With Claire Bishop, Tania Bruguera & Ann Liv Young Hosted by Florian Malzacher

In cooperation with Goethe Institute New York, this edition of The Art of Assembly l looks at radical approaches to audiences, turning them from spectators into participants, witnesses, collaborators, and enemies.

Gesellschaftsspiele: The Art of Assembly X – THE POLITICS OF MULTITUDE: ASSEMBLY AS STRATEGY (Anna Clara Basilicò / Rise Up For Climate Justice, Antonio Negri & Marco Baravalle)

In Cooperation with Münchner Kammerspiele, this edition of The Art of Assembly looks at how architecture shapes decision-making – and at what alternatives there might be.
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Aerowaves Twenty23 Open Call

Apply now to become an Aerowaves Artist! Aerowaves is a hub for dance discovery in Europe with a network of partners in 33 countries. The network is looking for the next Twenty talented emerging choreographers based in Europe. You can now apply to become a Twenty23 artist with the opportunity to have your work presented at the Spring Forward festival next year in Dublin (Ireland), and also by many of our Aerowaves partners around Europe.
be spectACTive! New Art on ... line

Katharina Senk & Tanja Erhart – j_e_n_g_a. The Movie

j_e_n_g_a – The Movie is a multi-lingual dance-film in which Tanja Erhart, her two crutches and Katharina Senk explore the juicyness of pleasure, interdependence and intersectional feminism in multi-sensorial perspectives. The film contains interactive parts in which the viewers have options to choose from and to guide the film while diving into their very own pleasure feelings.

Interview with Stina Fors: Experimental vocal techniques

The performance artist Stina Fors transforms her mouth into a theatre. In the interview you can learn more about her understanding of communication, her needs for a rehearsal process and the power of imagination.
New Art on ... line

Rough Translation – Grob gesagt: Krieg Edition 3 with Kateryna Kalytko (Recording in Ukrainian & German)

Readings & talks with Ukrainian poets. A cooperation of the Institute of Sprachkunst in cooperation with brut and the Literaturhaus Vienna. Kateryna Kalytko was the guestof the third edition.
New Art on ... line Podcast

Rough Translation – Grob gesagt: Krieg Edition 2 with Iryna Tsilyk (Recording in Ukrainian & German)

Readings & talks with Ukrainian poets. A cooperation of the Institute of Sprachkunst in cooperation with brut and the Literaturhaus Vienna. Iryna Tsilyk was the guestof the second edition.
New Art on ... line

Alex Franz Zehetbauer – AyH

NEW ART ON...LINE ALL SUMMER LONG: Beginning with an interest in spirals, AyH is a sonic experiment guided by the work and methods of the painter and mystic Hilma af Klint. It is a concert of acoustic paintings composed by several non-human musicians in collaboration with Alex Franz Zehetbauer and Christian Schröder. (VIDEO)

imagetanz 2022 Opening

The imagetanz festival 2022 opened with SHE LEGEND by Rykena/Jüngst on March 4th and at brut nordwest and all over Vienna the motto until March 26th is: Feed the Dance! Christine Miess captured the impressions in beautiful pictures for us.


The 12th edition of The Art of Assembly looks at the often productive, often ambivalent relationship between art and activism. Guets: Milo Rau, School of Resistance & The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

Art Work imagetanz 2022 – recipes that move your body

This year's imagetanz subjects by Maisie Cousins combine the beautiful with the grotesque.
New Art on ... line

Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir – AIRY MATTERS

“By using up the air for telling, without ever telling of air itself”– Luce Irigary, "The Forgetting of Air in Martin Heidegger"

Gesellschaftsspiele. The Art of Assembly – ARCHITECTURES OF HOSPITALITY

Hospitality – with all its seeming generosity – is a complex concept: Who is invited into our societies, our assemblies? What are the relationships between guests and hosts? Is unconditional hospitality possible? The architecture of public space, the infrastructures of coming together, the borders and thresholds around them inform how we come together, what is prevented from happening, what is possible.
Let's talk about brut

brut Artwork Season 2021/22

Our current subjects by photographer Chase Middleton re-enact stories from life.
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Save the date – brut season starts from October 1st

with toxic dreams, Sara Lanner, Lau Lukkarila, Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir, Gin Müller & Denice Bourbon, Oleg Soulimenko, Doris Uhlich, Simon Mayer, Willi Dorner, Potpourri, Georg Blaschke & Jan Machacek, Florian Malzacher & The Art of Assembly, and many more

Gesellschaftsspiele. The Art of Assembly VII: Agonistic Gatherings (Didier Eribon, Chantal Mouffe & Florian Malzacher)

Chantal Mouffe and Didier Eribon were guests in the seventh edition of "The Art of Assembly". The podcast is now available. The episode was created in cooperation with the Wiener Festwochen.
New Art on ... line


NEW ART ON ... LINE ALL SUMMER LONG: Today, in the Anthropocene, there seems to be nothing left untouched by humans. Dwindling species, thawing permafrost, landscapes of toxic trash: human impact appears all-encompassing. But the reverse is also true: nothing we get in touch with leaves us unchanged. (VIDEO)
imagetanz New Art on ... line

Agnes Schneidewind, Johanna Nielson & Marina Poleukhina – eleven. each print in the mud fills with honey

NEW ART ON ... LINE ALL SUMMER LONG: Three female artists jump from a (sur)face and delve into the exciting worlds of Tarot: In eleven. each print in the mud fills with honey, Agnes Schneidewind, Johanna Nielson and Marina Poleukhina draw inspiration from one of the trump cards, reading into it with all their senses and sentiments, including the subconscious and irrational ones. They dance, they draw, and they interact with a number of different objects in permanent circulation. (VIDEO)
New Art on ... line

Costas Kekis – Bounce

NEW ART ON ... LINE ALL SUMMER LONG: "Bounce" is a performative ritual of personal and collective repair. The group of five performers work through shared sensorial physical practices of emotional resilience, driven by the need to care, cure, withstand and thrive.
New Art on ... line

Frans Poelstra – this body of stories. the lockdown version

NEW ART ON ... LINE ALL SUMMER LONG: In this video, Frans Poelstra tells the story of how he became a performer and dancer. For those who couldn't attend our last Sunday Screening, his entertaining story is now available online.
New Art on ... line

Jan Machacek & Oliver Stotz – EWIGE 80er

NEW ART ON ... LINE ALL SUMMER LONG EWIGE 80er is a performative video that targets a time when fear of a nuclear catastrophe grew and in which a conservative backlash formed after the optimistic mood of the 1960s and 70s in the capitalist West. Jan Machacek and Oliver Stotz bring that time to life and ask what connects the spirit of the 80s with our society today.
© Foto: Max Bohm

New Art on Air – Episode 4 feat. Gerhild Steinbuch

The Austrian author and dramaturge heads the Institute for Language Arts (Creative Writing) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and is co-founder of the Freundliche Mitte and Nazis & Goldmund / Hydra collective. She talks to brut's artistic director Kira Kirsch about writing for the stage, the challenge of running a university institute, working in a collective and Austrian trash tv.
imagetanz New Art on ... line

imagetanz 2021 Julia Müllner – gathering bacteria in my carrier bag

NEW ART ON ... LINE ALL SUMMER LONG: Julia Müllner’s performance is centred around the process of fermentation, a way of microbial transformation and preservation. While microbes negotiate their symbiotic long-term relationships, tentacular dances of a romancing mite become intertwined with costume textures and pulsate performatively while squinting to the rhythm created by sound artist Christa Wall. (VIDEO)

New Art on Air – Episode 3 feat. Christophe Slagmuylder

What is it like to create an international theater festival during a global pandemic? Kira Kirsch and Christophe Slagmuylder talk about his career, transformative experiences and his definition of a good theater festival. The conversation revolves around contemporary performing arts in Brussels in the 80ies and how to take care of oneself in a stressful job by hiking in the wild nature.
New Art on ... line

Malika Fankha – AWOL. LAVA

The third music video in the series "AWOL" by Malika Fankha is online!
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STANDARD plus E-Paper Abonnement

brut nordwest

THIS PLACE IS INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK: Art in public space by Frida Robles and Lasse Mouritzen

On May 10th, the installation "THIS PLACE IS INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK" by the artists Frida Robles and Lasse Mouritzen opened at the back of brut nordwest. The urban space with the new artwork can be visited until May 2022.
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FREISCHWIMMEN – Platform for performance and theatre

FREISCHWIMMEN is an international exchange and production platform for young groups and artists* from theatre and performance. It is supported by brut Wien, FFT Düsseldorf, Gessnerallee Zürich, HochX München, LOFFT – DAS THEATER Leipzig, Schwankhalle Bremen, Sophiensæle Berlin, and Theater Rampe Stuttgart.
New Art on ... line

Malika Fankha – AWOL. ODE

The new music video "AWOL. ODE" by Malika Fankha is out now!
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