False Memory Syndrome – Living Documents I-V

Due to the decrees issued by the Austrian federal Government in order to gain control over the pandemic in March, "Living Documents I - V" could not be performed during imagetanz. Georg Eckmayr had been asked by Dominik Grünbühel and Charlotta Ruth to document the 5 looped choreographic installations. He did it anyway and the result is his film False Memory Syndrome.


Georg Eckmayr works as an artist, teacher and researcher. http://www.georgeckmayr.net 

Living Documents I - V are 5 looped choreographic installations performed live during 3 hours.

Concept & Direction Charlotta Ruth, Dominik Grünbühel

Choreography & Performance PETER, Anna Öberg, Jenni Elina von Bagh,

Sound Design Johannes Burström

Programming Johannes Burström and Johanna Pfabigan

Set-Design Sofia Romberg, Luke Baio

Graphic Design Maiko Sakurai Karner
Living Documents I-V premiered at five locations on the island of Skeppsholmen in May 2019 in collaboration with MDT, Stockholm.
The Vienna performances are postponed to 17, 18 October 2020. 
Living Documents I-V is supported by the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs, the Art and Culture Department of the Austrian Federal Chancellor’s Office, the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Nordic-Baltic Mobility Funding.


14.03.2020 - 15.03.2020

Dominik Grünbühel & Charlotta Ruth

Living Documents I–V (ABGESAGT)

mit Jenni-Elina von Bagh, Anna Öberg und PETER

Performance / Installationsloop
Österreichische Erstaufführung
in englischer Sprache

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hannsjana – Reise ins Darknet

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Asher O'Gorman – a little rise as you stand softly

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November 2021
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Nordwestbahnstraße 8-10, 1200 Wien
Tram: 5 (Nordwestbahnstraße), Bus: 5A (Wasnergasse)

Dezember 2021
Georg Blaschke / Jan Machacek / M.A.P. Vienna
Giotto’s Corridor

Online Livestream auf brut-wien.at

Dezember 2021
Mit Frédérique Aït-Touati (Paris) & andcompany&Co. (Berlin) Moderation: Florian Malzacher
Gesellschaftsspiele. The Art of Assembly XII

studio brut, Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Wien

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