Julia Müllner

gathering bacteria in my carrier bag

Online film premiere and artist talk via livestream on brut-wien.at
Performance World premiere in German and English
imagetanz 2021
{talking mites} {tentacular dances} {fermentation}

gathering bacteria in my carrier bag calls for a bubbling collective encounter with micro-organisms. Julia Müllner’s performance is centred around the process of fermentation, a way of microbial transformation and preservation. While microbes negotiate their symbiotic long-term relationships, tentacular dances of a romancing mite become intertwined with costume textures and pulsate performatively while squinting to the rhythm created by sound artist Christa Wall.


Julia Müllner’s carrier bag becomes a container for knowledge and nonsense to experiment with processes of transformation. Ideas, sketches and lines of thought accumulate like bacteria and demand care. SCOBY the mother bacterium gets settled, grows, transforms and forms ties. There is a symbolic value in the gentle care of organisms that allows us to canvass ideas on how to live together – a vast group of themes that are approached on a microscopic level. What metaphoric answers hide in the symbiosis of fungal cultures and nutrients? How can a relationship grow without any hierarchies? Constantly present in the room and sometimes in the limelight, there will be a slowly seething booklet that will confuse designated roles like the performer or the scenography, act as a dramaturgical guide and preserve new relationships born from this encounter.

Julia Müllner lives and works as a freelance dancer in Vienna. She graduated in dance and choreography at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen in 2019. A winner of the training scholarship at Tanzquartier Wien and the ImPulsTanz danceWEB scholarship, Julia Müllner likes to work in collaborative settings as well as solo projects. Since autumn of 2020, she has been a member of the performance collective maria Mercedes supported by the HUGGY BEARS platform.


"For just over fifteen minutes, Müllner, Wall and Soave let their viewers immerse themselves in a little "Phantásien" of microbial associations, liquids, bubbles, sound spaces, whispers, physical impulses, materials and colors. It’s composed so compact and complex that if you watch it again (possible until June 30th) it always seems to be very different."

Helmut Ploebst, Der Standard


Concept and performance Julia Müllner Live sound/music Christa Wall film and video editing Camilla Soave Costume design Attila Lajos Booklet concept and design Julia Müllner Layout and type in collaboration with Elisa Schmid Outside eye Alix Eynaudi Thanks to Fatima Merten, HUGGY BEARS, company Samuel Feldhandler – Verein für zeitgenössischen Tanz

A co-production by Julia Müllner and imagetanz/brut Wien.

Dates & Tickets

March 2021

Sun. 21.03.2021, 18:00
Free admission

Online film premiere and artist talk via livestream on brut-wien.at

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Julia Müllner – gathering encounters

An encounter and a small courtesy with green and pink companions.

Julia Müllner im Interview mit PW-Magazine: Präsenz des Unsichtbaren

Kann Fermentieren eine politische Praxis sein? Die Choreografin Julia Müllner bringt ungeahnte (non)humane Symbiosen auf die Bühne ihres ersten Stückes.
imagetanz New Art on ... line

imagetanz 2021 Julia Müllner – gathering bacteria in my carrier bag

gathering bacteria in my carrier bag calls for a bubbling collective encounter with micro-organisms.
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