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Performance World premiere in English
{radical softness} {hypersensitivity} {millennial snowflake}

In Peachfuzz Claire Lefèvre embraces Radical Softness as a performance strategy and a form of resistance. This piece is a celebration of tenderness and vulnerability, a choreographic caress, a care practice, and a warm invitation to relax your jaw and let your shoulders melt.


, © Franzi Kreis

Claire Lefèvre – peachfuzz

, © Franzi Kreis

Claire Lefèvre – peachfuzz

, © Franzi Kreis

Claire Lefèvre – peachfuzz

In close collaboration with sound designer Zosia Hołubowska, Claire Lefèvre proposes ways of being together in an intimate space, where the audience's gaze sways gently between the performer and the ceiling, where soundwaves massage and seats rock, where velvety voices tell stories which converse with, and listen to, one's inner dialogue. A small group of guests is tenderly guided through a warm and fuzzy trip, during which delicate dances stroke the space languorously, fluffy blankets cocoon the skin and hot chocolate follows you on your way out.

Radical Softness is a concept which was first imagined by artist Lora Mathis, as a response to patriarchy's discomfort with anything overly-sensitive and vulnerable, anything emotional, anything which associates itself with femininity. It is about finding power in one's soft-heartedness and refusing to be de-sensitized. Claire's research is a translation process, transposing Radical Softness into a sensory and tactile experience. It is an attempt to move (in) the space as a supple and hyper-sensitive body. It is also a practice of pinning down the exact moment when her heart melts and putting it in writing, as well as an ongoing commitment to being dramatic, hyper-feminine and hyper-emotional.

Claire Lefèvre is a French choreographer, performer, and writer, living and working in Vienna, Austria. In her research, Claire is fascinated by the balance between entertainment and seduction in the context of performance. She likes to think of herself as a host, welcoming the audience into kitsch landscapes where politics and poetics are gently interwoven. Her works Function Man, S/M and Welcome to the Fisch-Haus have been co-produced by brut Wien.

Zosia Hołubowska is a queer sound artist, musician, music activist and PhD Fellow at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Holubowska is interested in queer as a methodology in artistic research based on sound, and feminist and post-colonial approaches to ethnomusicology. Hołubowska has performed in Mumok (AT), Guggenheim Museum (ES); their last sound installation was shown at the Research Pavilion in Venice (IT).

Zosia Hołubowska on soundcloud


Concept and performance Claire Lefèvre Sound design Zosia Hołubowska Costume Alex Franz Zehetbauer Dramaturgy Andrea Salzmann Outside eye Jacopo Lanteri Production mollusca productions

A co-production by C.A.K.E. verein fur kunst und kultur and brut Wien.

With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs, the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport, Im_Flieger, Tanzfabrik Berlin and Huggy Bears.

Dates & Tickets

February 2021

Sun. 21.02.2021, 18:00
Free admission.

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New Art on ... line

Claire Lefèvre & Zosia Hołubowska – Sugarcoating

Inspired by the process of working on the performance "Peachfuzz" Zosia Hołubowska created this video with them and Claire Lefèvre starring in a cotton candy dream.
New Art on ... line

Claire Lefèvre – Peachfuzz

Claire Lefèvre's performance "Peachfuzz" will be presented as video version in early 2021. For now you can enjoy this video and dive into the world she is creating as an artist.
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