Denice Bourbon and Gin Müller present


featuring Veza Fernández, Hyo Lee, Elise Yuki Mory, Denise Palmieri, Stefanie Sourial, Alex Franz Zehetbauer

brut nordwest
Performance / Revue Revival in English
{Red Vienna era} {Leftist love} {Worth a sin}

In their SODOM VIENNA REVUE, the artists surrounding Denice Bourbon and Gin Müller embark on a search for the personalities, psychological orgasms and utopias of the perverse 1920s Red Vienna era, ‘queering’ them with present times. Come, comrades, and behold in solidarity this glamourous Red Vienna revue, and listen to the maxims of SODOM VIENNA: ‘To be home is to be dead, my arse is openly red! Heave-ho! Go left with love!’

, © Lisbeth Kovacic

Denice Bourbon und Gin Müller present SODOM VIENNA REVUE

, © Lisbeth Kovacic

Denice Bourbon and Gin Müller present SODOM VIENNA REVUE

, © Lisbeth Kovacic

Denice Bourbon and Gin Müller present SODOM VIENNA REVUE

, © Lisbeth Kovacic

Denice Bourbon and Gin Müller present SODOM VIENNA REVUE

The historic 1919 election marked the beginning of the Red Vienna era, when aesthetics and politics were progressive, psychoanalytical, lascivious, and saucy all at the same time. Red revues and staged propaganda extravaganzas stood opposite bourgeois scandals like Anita Berber’s Dances of Vice, appearances of Josephine Baker, and Arthur Schnitzler’s La Ronde. The gigantic silent film production Sodom und Gomorrha (1921/22) on the Laaer Berg with more than 15,000 extras combined Bible history with the hedonistic 1920s present. In a colourful show, the players of SODOM VIENNA REVUE bring personalities of the time back to life in keeping with the motto: ‘Vienna, you red Sodom, your colour stands for love and revolution, and Sodom stands for the City of Vice that, full of pleasure, defies all convention!’


The performers:


Denice Bourbon: artist, performer, singer, comedian (PCCC*, former brut appearances include The Village by Nesterval)

Veza Fernández: performer, dancer, choreographer (former brut appearances include When Eye Becomes Mouth)

Hyo Lee: artist, performer (former brut appearances include Colonial Cocktail by Stefanie Sourial)

Elise Yuki Mory: musician (in prodcutions at Volkstheater, HAU; Bands: Half Darling and many more)

Gin Müller: dramaturg, performer (former brut appearances include Dark Revolutions)

Denise Palmieri: artist, performer (former brut appearances include Dark Revolutions, episode R Arrrrmy)

Stefanie Sourial: artist, performer (former brut appearances include Colonial Cocktail and City of Diaspora)

Alex Franz Zehetbauer: performer, choreographer, dancer (former brut appearances include wet dreaming at 52Hz and Ayh)



Denice Bourbon is a lesbian/queer-feminist performance artist, singer, writer, presenter, curator, and stand-up comedian. She uses humour and entertainment as activist tools to raise awareness of various political issues. She has been working as a freelance artist in both theatre and film for a couple of years, working with fellow artists such as Katrina Daschner, Gin Müller, Veza Fernández, Sabine Marte, Stefanie Sourial, Stefanie Sargnagel, Amina Handke, and Nesterval, and at venues including brut, WUK, WERK X, Ateliertheater, Kosmos Theater, Spektakel, and many more. In addition to co-curating Vienna’s first queer performance festival Straight to Hell (2015) with Denise Kottlett, Denice Bourbon is the co-founder of queer stand-up comedy club PCCC*. In 2018, she was part of the Nesterval cast in their production The Village.

Veza Fernández is a queer feminist dance, language and performance artist. She works with extreme vocal and physical states that challenge the norm. Veza Fernández studied English and Spanish philology and was a high school teacher. She is also a stand-up comedian, singer, poet and party lover. Her solo piece ''Calamocos or my grandmother was a poet who couldn't write'' was awarded the audience prize ''Best OFF Styria'' in 2014. In 2015 she received the TanzWEB scholarship (ImPulsTanz, Vienna) and in 2016 the Kunstförderungspreis der Stadt Graz. She is currently developing her practice of "chaotic polyphonies" in the DAS Choreography Masters programme in Amsterdam. At brut she staged Wenn Auge Mund wird in 2018 and performed in Claire Lefèvre's Welcome to the Fisch-Haus in 2019.

Hyo Lee  was born in Seoul, South Korea. She lives and works as an artist in Vienna. Hyo Lee studied photography and video installation at the University of Applied Art Vienna and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She performed in Colonial Cocktail – Volume 2: Spirits (2019) by Stefanie Sourial and in Pomp (2020), Plum Circus (2019), Pfauenloch (2018), Pferdebusen (2017), Perlenmeere (2016), Powder Placenta (2015), Parole Rosette (2012) and Flaming Flamingos (2011) by Katrina Daschner.

Elise Yuki Mory plays mainly keyboard, piano and synthesiser in a wide variety of formations and constellations. With bands like Gustav und Band, Half Darling or möström, she moves genre-wise from experimental to chanson and also likes to hang out in theatre bands, most recently in Christiane Rösinger's Planet Egalia (HAU, Berlin), in Defence of Democracy (Volkstheater, Vienna) or in Proletenpassion 2013ff (Werk X, Vienna). She also composes music for performances, leads workshops and organises music camps for young FLINTAs with the pink noise association. She has lived in Vienna since studying piano pedagogy at the mdw.

Gin Müller is a dramaturge and ar/ctivist who works in the fields of theatre, performance, and queer studies. He was a guest professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (2018/19) and is now a lecturer for theatre, film and media studies at Vienna University. In addition, he has realised his own theatre and performance pieces in Vienna (brut Wien) and Mexico City, some of which include: Fantomas Monster (2016/17), TransGenderMoves (2014/15), Melodrom/Rebelodrom – NoborderZone (2012/13), the que_ring drama project (2018/19). Gin Müller was also a co-founder of noborder VolxTheaterKarawane (2001–2004) and the band SV Damenkraft (2003–2008). He was active in the Vienna refugee protests of 2012/13 and has been a member of Queer Base, the LGBTIQ Welcome and Support Project of Türkis Rosa Lila Villa.

Denise Palmieri is a performance artist, whose work is rooted in visual art. Born 1986 in São Paulo, Brazil, she has been living and working in Austria since 2012. The unfolding of body, voice and ritual aspects forms a crucial part of her work. She uses art as a means of communication to find and re-develop different languages. While focussing on performance, she also works with installation, photography, video and mixed media. Non-normative art is a statement frequently found in her creations. She most recently appeared at brut in the que_ring drama project – Dark Revolutions, episode R Arrrrmy alongside Naomi Rincon Gallardo and Sabine Marte.

Stefanie Sourial arbeitet als Performancekünstlerin und Regisseurin in Wien, London und Bristol und unterrichtet an der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien im Fachbereich Performative Kunst. 2007 absolvierte sie die Internationale Schule für Performance und Regie Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Seit 2009 kreiert Sourial Eigenproduktionen, u. a. FREAK (2015), war Performerin bei Katrina Daschners Kunstprojekt CLUB BURLESQUE BRUTAL (2009–2015) und kollaboriert mit der preisgekrönten Kompanie Theatre Ad Infinitum aus London und Künstler*innen in Wien, u. a. Barbis Ruder, Carola Dertnig, Denice Bourbon, Denise Kottlett, Gin Müller, Katrina Daschner, Katharina Mückstein, Michikazu Matsune, Mira Lu Kovacs, Kollektiv Nesterval, Veza Fernández und Sophie Stockinger. Im brut performte sie zuletzt in ihrer Bühnenserie Colonial Cocktail – Volume 1–3 (2019). 

Alex Franz Zehetbauer is a singer, sound choreographer and performance artist, who lives in Vienna. Obsessed with the concept of water, he likes to connect it in his work with voice as the embodiment of dance in a fluid movement between the zones of the physical, the energetic and the collectively subconscious body. Zehetbauer studied vocal studies, dance, acting and composition at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts in New York and at the International Theatre Workshop in Amsterdam. He is a recipient of the Federal Chancellor’s Office’s Start scholarship (2018), the TURBO Residency – ImPulsTanz (2018) and the danceWEB scholarship (2019). His performance wet dreaming at 52Hz (2019) was first presented at brut’s imagetanz festival.


 Featuring Denice Bourbon, Veza Fernández, Hyo Lee, Gin Müller, Denise Palmieri, Stefanie Sourial, Alex Franz Zehetbauer, Elise Mory

A co-production by Verein zur Förderung der Bewegungsfreiheit and brut Wien. Supported by MA7 Kultur (Co-operations 2020 with Wienwoche, Sigmund Freud Museum, Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies, and many more).


"[...] they perform, like in the rainbow parade, rushing processions and liberating rituals in the spirit of this time and think of Red Vienna as queer!" (Falter)


Featuring Denice Bourbon, Veza Fernández, Hyo Lee, Elise Yuki Mory, Gin Müller, Denise Palmieri, Stefanie Sourial, Alex Franz Zehetbauer Composition Sodom Vienna hymn Sabine Marte & Verena Brückner Music Elise Yuki Mory Outside Eye Claire Lefèvre

A co-production by Verein zur Förderung der Bewegungsfreiheit and brut Wien. Supported by MA7 Kultur (Co-operations 2020 with Wienwoche, Sigmund Freud Museum, Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies, and many more).

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