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Performance / Dance World premiere in English
{Hip hop} {Physical theatre} {Brutalism}

In BÉTON BRUT, the urban dance company Hungry Sharks combines aesthetics and principles of brutalist architecture with the social aspects and history of the street dance style breaking. 

, © Christine Miess

Hungry Sharks – BÉTON BRUT

, © Christine Miess

Hungry Sharks – BÉTON BRUT

, © Christine Miess

Hungry Sharks – BÉTON BRUT

, © Christine Miess

Hungry Sharks – BÉTON BRUT

, © Christine Miess

Hungry Sharks – BÉTON BRUT

, © Christine Miess

Hungry Sharks – BÉTON BRUT

The revolutionary movement of brutalism added new values, principles, and buildings to 1950s architecture; today, these are visible in cityscapes all around the globe. The Hungry Sharks have discovered a wide range of similarities between the histories of brutalism and the dance style called breaking – one of the four pillars of hip-hop culture. The social idea targeting poorer layers of society with an expressive aesthetic and many other similarities are the basis for this devised piece. All commonalities are generally organised around the essential element of ‘raw concrete’, which is both an important means of expression in brutalist architecture and a physical basis for the development of breaking.

The dance company Hungry Sharks was founded in 2011 by choreographer Valentin Alfery and producer and photographer Dušana Baltić. Based on the idea of establishing the movement language of urban dance styles in the theater, the company has since regularly produced full-length dance productions and staged them internationally.


The Performance on January 28th will be followed by an artist talk.


"Hungry Sharks demonstrates why the urban dance company founded by Valentin Alfery (choreographer) and Dušana Baltić (producer) in 2011 was able to establish itself not only on "conventional" dance stages but also in the  international theater scene." (Krone

"Urban dance has [...] arrived with this company at a level where it is beginning to establish itself as an independent genre of contemporary dance." (European Cultural News)


Idea, concept, artistic direction, choreography, texts Valentin Alfery Dance, movement research Elena Bartosch, Timo Bouter, Alexander Tesch, Maëva Abdelhafid Live sound, composition Manuel Riegler Dramaturgy, choreographic assistance Marco Payer Production, artistic assistance, voice over Dušana Baltić Lighting design Valentin Alfery Costume design, fabrication Kreineckers / Anna & Magdalena Kreinecker Production assistance Maira Darja Horvath, Laura Graciela Saiz, Max Rosenberger Photography Jelena Janković, Kilian Kovacs

Residency and research with Katharina Senk, Jacob Börlin, Jennie-Love Navoret, Anton Schalnich, Viviane Tanzmeister, Kilian Kovacs, Michael Sellner, Max Rosenberger, Alexander Ihara Muus, Victor Petro, Timo Bouter, Alexander Tesch, Elena Bartosch, Marco Payer

Thanks to Matthias Mollner (development concrete shoes), Hannes Veitlbauer (concrete mixer), technical team of SZENE Salzburg (technical support). 

With the support of SZENE Salzburg and Festspielhaus St. Pölten in the context of a working residency.
A co-production of Kulturverein Hungry Sharks Wien, brut Wien and SZENE Salzburg.
Supported by City of Vienna MA7, BMKÖS, City of Salzburg, Province of Salzburg, Province of Kärnten.

Dates & Tickets

The Performance on January 28th will be followed by an artist talk.
Please read our Covid-19 regulations here

January 2022

Thu. 27.01.2022, 20:00
€ 18 / € 14 / € 9

Fri. 28.01.2022, 20:00
€ 18 / € 14 / € 9 *followed by an artist talk

Sat. 29.01.2022, 20:00
€ 18 / € 14 / € 9

Sun. 30.01.2022, 20:00
€ 18 / € 14 / € 9

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Abendprogramm Hungry Sharks (PDF)


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