Veza Fernández

Make your own Alalazo scream = a Workshop

Online via zoom
Workshop in German and English
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In this online workshop, Veza Fernández gives first insights into her upcoming project and tells stories of sentient voices, heart piercing fire angels and of the radical emotional movement of music. The participants are invited to try out for themselves the exercises that Veza Fernández used in the research process on Alalazo.
The live premiere of Alalazo had to be postponed to the 2021/22 season due to corona.

, © Hanna Fasching

Veza Fernández – Alalazo

, © Hanna Fasching

Veza Fernández – Alalazo

, © Hanna Fasching

Veza Fernández – Alalazo

, © Hanna Fasching

Veza Fernández – Alalazo

 About Alalazo:

In her solo piece Alalazo, Veza Fernández will shake you to your core by dancing with her screaming voice to a magically electronic soundtrack composed by Rana Farahani (aka Fauna). The performer explores the superior force of the female voice, reaching all the way to its very edges. This creates a both physical and emotional sound experience that involves the audience in its entirety and makes all the dramas, worlds and narratives of screaming bodies palpable for everybody.

“Alalazo” from the Greek ἀλαλά (= to cheer) is the powerful cry of a single voice and a multitude of voices at the same time. Together, they go into battle, crying, cheering, resisting and thus creating a moan of ecstatic joy. Alalazo is the voice that shamelessly forces its way out in order to drown all prejudice and processes that tried to silence it over the course of history. Alalazo is a concert, a cathartic drama, a dance piece, an ecstatic gathering, a landscape that constantly changes. Alalazo combines many forms of expression and offers alternative forms of listening, uniting and relating.

Veza Fernández is a queer-feminist dance, voice and performance artist interested in the political and poetical potential of the eclectically expressive. She likes to explore the sensual and social power of diverse voices and to work with extreme states of body and voice that challenge norms. Veza Fernández studied English and Spanish philology and used to be a high school teacher. She is also a stand-up comedian, singer, poet and party lover. Her solo piece Calamocos or My Grandmother Was a Poet Who Couldn’t Write won the Best OFF Styria audience award in 2014. Her piece When Eye Becomes Mouth premiered as part of the brut programme in 2018.



Choreography, practice Veza Fernández Music, composition Rana Farahani (aka Fauna) Set and costume design Sarah Sternat Light design Christina Bergner Sound design Lukas Froschauer Production mollusca productions Outside eyes and ears Lau Lukkarila, Jamila Johnson-Small, Raoni Muzho Saleh, Jule Flierl, Paula Montecinos

A co-production by Verein für Expressive Angelegenheiten and brut Wien

With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs, Im_flieger, NadaLokal, DAS Graduate School, YAAL Young Artsupport Amsterdam, ACT OUT (a project by IG Freie Theaterarbeit, supported from funds of the Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs)

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May 2021

Thu. 06.05.2021, 18:00
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Online via zoom

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