Living Documents Talk (CANCELLED)

How to Observe and Document Live Art

brut at HUGGY BEARS Art Place
Talk in English
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This playfully designed talk format as part of the Living Documents I–V performance series focuses on how live art can be documented. Will we only ever remember the things that have been documented? What are the influencing factors of various methods of documentation? Why is it not enough for live art to be alive in the moment? The talk will be moderated by Margarete Jahrmann, professor of artistic research at the University of Applied Art Vienna, founder of the Ludic Society and herself an artist. She will tackle the above questions and the transience of the moment in conversation with the artists of Living Documents I–V.


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Jenni-Elina von Bagh, Dominik Grünbühel, PETER, Charlotta Ruth, Anna Öberg – Living Documents I - V

INFO: CANCELLED: More information about program changes in connection with Covid-19 here

Living Documents I–V is about the counter-intuitive but still widely held desire to document dance and performance. In one round tour, the audience gets to visit five different choreographic installations in live loops, thus experiencing the seemingly prosaic act of documentation as a vivid process of communication. Whether you choose to re-watch one of the five performances again and again or to explore the whole variety of artistic approaches, you will be able to grasp the tension between the transient moment of the here and now and the idea of documentation and reproducibility.

moderation/game-mistress Margarete Jahrmann 


Moderator/game mistress Margarete Jahrmann Featuring Dominik Grünbühel, Charlotta Ruth, Jenni-Elina von Bagh, Anna Öberg, PETER, Johannes Burström

Dates & Tickets

March 2020

Sun. 15.03.2020, 17:00

brut at HUGGY BEARS Art Place
Kempelengasse 1, Building 1, 1100 Vienna


INFO: CANCELLED: More information about program changes in connection with Covid-19 here

Event recommendations

14.03.2020 - 15.03.2020

Dominik Grünbühel & Charlotta Ruth with Jenni-Elina von Bagh, Anna Öberg und PETER

Living Documents I–V (ABGESAGT)

with Jenni-Elina von Bagh, Anna Öberg and PETER

Performance / installation loop
Austrian premiere
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13.03.2020, 16:00 - 17:30

Charlotta Ruth / Johannes Burström / Anna Öberg

Living Documents Workshop (ABGESAGT)

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Dokumentation als Erfahrung im Hier und Jetzt

Interview mit Charlotta Ruth und Dominik Grünbühel
June 2020
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