Alex Franz Zehetbauer & Guests


a traveling trojan horse of queer burlesque

brut at KunstBOGEN
Performance World Premiere in English
imagetanz 2020
{Queer flesh} {Body empowerment} {Joyous opposition}

A luscious and titillating evening of queer flesh, body empowerment, and sex-positivity will be the finishing event of imagetanz 2020. WE COME BEARING GIFTS infiltrates the space of KunstBOGEN, a venue located below the Arches of the Viennese subway. The event, co-hosted by Alex Franz Zehetbauer & Lau Lukkarila and their fabulous guests, is a metaphoric ruse de guerre to share the gifts of empowered queer eroticism and self-love. Just as the greeks brought their soldiers into troy, we will sneak our way into the subconscious fabric of the city. We are a band of sharp tongued strip-teasers utilizing burlesque as an embodied political act. We come with open hearts, open minds, and an eventual lack of clothing. Receive us with your screams, your desires, and your most revealing outfit (whether literal or metaphoric).

, © Claudia Lomoschitz

mirabella paidamwoyo dziruni, Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand, Ina Holub, Mzamo Nondlwana, Lau Lukkarila, Alex Franz Zehetbauer, (Moon: Veza Fernández) - WE COME BEARING GIFTS 

INFO: CANCELLED: More information about program changes in connection with Covid-19 here

The politically charged magic of burlesque lies in the community it creates and the community it is embedded within. By making a space in the queer community of Vienna for the celebration of its  opulent inhabitants we extend the possibility for others to enter this community and to see the power of loving themselves and their bodies.

At WE COME BEARING GIFTS your involvement is key. The spell of your screams give you agency in the celebration of the performers’ self-love and embodied empowerment.

Join us for a collective evening of joyous opposition.

We come to you bare and with many gifts.

WE COME BEARING GIFTS is a series of events, infiltrating various performance venues and off-spaces throughout the city of Vienna. The kick-off event will be held in the framework of imagetanz.

Alex Franz Zehetbauer (born 1990 in Brooklyn) is a performance and music artist currently based in Vienna. His practice roams the insurmountable possibilities of the human voice and the velvety expanse of movement in water. Before moving to Vienna in 2016, Alex regularly performed at “Hypergender”, a queer burlesque show at WOW Cafe Theater in the East Village. He studied vocal performance, dance, acting and composition at the Experimental Theater Wing at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and the International Theater Workshop in Amsterdam. Alex's works have been shown in New York, Baltimore, Vienna, and Madalena, Azores and have been supported by Leimay Cave, Arts Unfold, INK Initiative, Arbeitsplatz Wien, Evening Hours NY, Huggy Bears, APAP, brut Wien and Wien Kultur; he has been awarded the BKA Startstipendium für Musik und Darstellende Kunst (2018), the TURBO Residency - ImPulsTanz 2018, the TQW Training Scholarship (2019), and the danceWEB Scholarship (2019). Alex was part of imagetanz 2019 with the performance wet dreaming at 52Hz.



Co-Hosts Alex Franz Zehetbauer & Lau Lukkarila Performances by Veza Fernandez, Ina Holub, Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand, Mzamo Nondlwana, mirabella paidamwoyo dziruni Production mollusca productions

A production by Verein Wilhelmina and imagetanz / brut Wien

Dates & Tickets

March 2020

Sat. 28.03.2020, 21:30

brut at KunstBOGEN
Untergrundbahn Bogen 6, 1060 Wien


INFO: CANCELLED: More information about program changes in connection with Covid-19 here

Event recommendations

13.03.2020 - 15.03.2020

Lau Lukkarila

Nyxxx (14 & 15 March cancelled)

Performance / Dance
World Premiere
in English

28.03.2020, 22:30

Sweet screams are made of these (Cancelled)

mit DJs Bad&Boujee / DJ BOO (Bixxa Boo collective)



imagetanz Isolated yet connected

A Spell Action for Self Love, Body and Community Empowerment

Interview with Alex Franz Zehetbauer & Guests
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