Film Gala premiere in German
{spirit cinema} {eaceful co-existence} {Ghost Rights International}

The peaceful coexistence of ghosts and humans was on top of the agenda at the Hantological Congress of autumn 2019 in Vienna. The GHOST RIGHTS INTERNATIONAL movement has since met with growing approval. The big glamorous online premiere of the ghost series had to be postponed to December 5th. The whole second season, which was filmed in the Karl-Marx-Hof in September, is now presented online. Joint parade of ghost rights activists both dead and alive will take place. No more ghost hunting, banishment and denial!

, © Photo:; Costume: Patrizia Ruthensteiner

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Geisterparade at 12.-Februar-Platz, 1190 Vienna

For two weeks in September, the Karl-Marx-Hof will turn into a shooting location for EXIT GHOST – a participative web series about the co-existence of ghosts and humans. Matters of ghost and human rights will be discussed: How do we wish to interact with our spectres? How can we make sure that a new co-existence of living and dead is peaceful and productive? What kinds of ghosts do we invite, what kinds to we exorcise? And, by the way, has anybody seen the spectre of Communism lately? Everyone was invited to play – the big online premiere will now take place on December 5th.

Credits Daniel Ladnar, Lars Moritz, Esther Pilkington, Jörg Thums Music Jens Cappel Graphic design Christian Raab Production management ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro

A co-production by and brut Wien. EXIT GHOST is supported as part of Fonds Doppelpass of Kulturstiftung des Bundes; with the kind support of Das Rote Wien at Waschsalon Karl-Marx-Hof.

Dates & Tickets

November 2020

Sat. 28.11.2020, 20:00
Postponed to December 5th

December 2020

Sat. 05.12.2020, 20:00
Free admission. Please register via ticket link.

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New Art on ... line presents: Knarf Rellöm – Geisterhaus

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Video:'s Exit Ghost Season 1 in full lenght

The first season of's "Exit Ghost" deals with the tragic events at the Augsburg State Theater and forms the prehistory for season 2, which will be created in April and May together with brut in Vienna.
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Covid-19: performance programme suspended till December 6th (except online events)

Due to the measures against the spread of the coronavirus enacted by the government, brut's performance programme (exception: online productions) has been stopped until November 30th.
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December 2020
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