– Exit Ghost II

07.04.2020 - 28.05.2020 – Exit Ghost II

“We need to fundamentally re-imagine the co-existence of humans and ghosts.”

 (Amelia, former ghost hunter, Hantological Congress, Vienna 2019)

Shooting for’s ghost show Exit Ghost continues picking up where the Hantological Congress that took place in October 2019 left off. To facilitate new encounters between humans and ghosts as part of the next season, will install new production offices in Vienna in April and May, since ghosts are about to take over the city. Workshops, excursions and other events will accompany the shoots for season two. As usual with, anybody who is interested is invited to participate. It’s not a script that determines how the story of the ghost continues, but the desires and ideas of those involved.

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Previously on Exit Ghost: Season I, created in co-operation with Augsburg State Theatre in the 2019/2020 theatrical season, saw a momentous open confrontation between humans and ghosts. Not even the Ghost Hunter’s Guild could help. What now? How can the co-existence of humans and ghosts be improved? A hitherto unidentified, mysterious slime seems to be helpful. Where in Vienna is it going to appear? What new human–ghost stories can be spun from it?

Vienna is becoming a ghost town, and anybody can be part of it. The Vienna Ghost Hunters will take you to haunted places, a workshop by artist/materials researcher Zoe Laughlin will introduce you to the world of slime production, and the political movement for more ghost rights will organise and gather for protests.

If you are interested in being part of the shoot, just show up at the production office or send an e-mail to is a platform for site-specific, participatory web series projects. Its series are created in collaboration with people on location; everybody is welcome to join and work on the plot with Projects are centred around the question: What should or could happen if life was a TV show? And sometimes it is – when you shoot a film: a method described by as soapification. Real life on location is the basis for stories between documentation, fictionalisation and staging. In collaboration with brut Wien, has so far created the series Der Ring des Nibelungenviertels (2016) and Nightwatch (2018). Exit Ghost is’s first show to be shot over several years and at different locations.

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Credits Daniel Ladnar, Lars Moritz, Esther Pilkington, Jörg Thums Music Jens Cappel Graphic design Christian Raab Production management ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro

A co-production by and brut Wien.

Exit Ghost – Season II

Tuesday, 07.04.2020
brut am Viktor Adler Markt – Stand 129
15:00 - 18:00 – Exit Ghost II brut Extras

Exit Ghost – Season II (Cancelled)

Slime workshop with artist/materials researcher Zoe Laughli

Urban-Performance-TV Series / Workshop
in German and English

19:30 – Exit Ghost II brut Extras

Exit Ghost – Season II (Cancelled)

Production office opening with slime and drinks

Urban-Performance-TV Series / Get together
Drehphase 1

Thursday, 16.04.2020
20:00 – Exit Ghost II brut Extras

Out and about featuring (cancelled)

Finding Ghosts with the Vienna Ghost Hunters

field trip / Urban-Performance-TV Series
Drehphase 1
in German

Wednesday, 20.05.2020
14:00 – Exit Ghost II brut Extras

Out and About featuring

Trip to Netherworld

field trip / Urban-Performance-TV Series
in German
Free admission. Please register via ticket link

Thursday, 28.05.2020
brut at Das Rote Wien exhibition in the launderette of Karl-Marx-Hof
18:00 – Exit Ghost II

Exit Ghost – Season II – the final (CANCELLED)

Parade of the Ghost

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June 2023
Mikheil Charkviani

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Die Namenlosen
June 2023

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Nordwestbahnstraße 8–10, 1200 Vienna
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