Social Muscle Club Vienna

hosted by notfoundyet and Stefanie Sourial

Performance In German and English
Season Opening 16/17
{give & taken} {community} {foot massage for tax declaration}

The Social Muscle Club to open the season once again circles around the issue of giving and taking. While the first Vienna edition of the Club at the imagetanz opening in March still had a lot of help from the Berlin initiators, this somewhat different happening is now completely in the hands of the Vienna performers Laia Fabre, Thomas Kasebacher and Stefanie Sourial.

, © Rania Moslam

Bild von der ersten Edition des Social Muscle Club in Wien im März 2016

The club turns sharing into something exciting, promising a night full of communality: “You need a new haircut and you offer hypnosis in return; you want to try stage diving and you’re good at tattooing; or you are looking for inspiration but have no trouble making a cake? The Social Muscle Club combines the too-much and the too-little, the game and the benefit, art and nature.” The audience is invited to submit desires and offers, which will complement each other over the course of the evening. Performance-shaped gifts from Vienna artists and the Social Muscle Club will allow for an atmosphere resembling the perfect mix between a Middle-Eastern wedding and a hectic Italian game show.

The Social Muscle Club started off in 2012 as a private happening in a living room in Berlin. It was inspired by a small workers’ club in Sheffield that declared “entertainment and mutual social support” its main purpose. On this basis, the Social Muscle Club has developed participatory events and new forms of gathering. It uses art and performance to connect people with each other, trigger dialogue and overcome social isolation.


“The Social Muscle Club might well become a trend!” Der Standard

“An evening at the ‘Social Muscle Club’ is more than just two and a half hours of entertainment. In the loosest structure possible, everybody participating is given the opportunity to watch or even become part of theatre and to train their social muscles. … It’s a blend of performance, dining and social experiment where everyone can do whatever they like or do best. Absurdist, slightly anarchistic scenes develop in sandwich building competitions during the interval, but one might also spot very intimate moments when someone who has just acquired a round of listening reveals that it was exactly what she desperately needed to get a secret off her chest.” Schweizer Tageswoche

After the Social Muscle Club, the Black Palms Orchestra will play a concert. Following the concert, we will celebrate the new season together with the /slash Closing Night Party at the bar!

A combined ticket for all events of the evening is available at the Onlineshop


Conceived & hosted by Laia Fabre, Thomas Kasebacher, Stefanie Sourial Original SMC concept Jill Emerson, Jared Gradinger, Till Rothmund, Rahel Savoldelli moderators Andrea Gunnlausgsdottir, Denise Palmieri, Frans Poelstra, Peter Reischl, Sebastiano Sing, Anat Stainberg, Moloko Violet, Elizabeth Ward u. a. With the Subchor and the Fearleaders Vienna.

Dates & Tickets

October 2016

Sat. 01.10.2016, 19:00
brut 16 € / 12 € / 8 €

Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Wien


Combined ticket 25 € / 20 € / 17 € available at the Onlineshop

The ticket is valid for both events on 1 October: Social Muscle Club and Black Palms Orchestra!

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February 2022
Claudia Bosse with Christina Gruber and Mathias Harzhauser
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