Philippe Decrauzat & Alan Licht


Performance / Music Concert performance Austrian premiere
Kooperation Kunsthalle Wien
{visual arts meet music} {co-operation with Kunsthalle Wien} {one night only}

Philippe Decrauzat has been exploring the field of abstraction, op art and kinetic art with his sculptures, paintings, installations and films. Relating to the exhibition The Promise of Total Automation, brut and Kunsthalle Wien present Philippe Decrauzat’s cinematic piece Anisotropy, which is accompanied live on stage by New York guitarist and composer Alan Licht.

, © Philippe Decrauzat

Philippe Decrauzat & Alan Licht - Anisotropy

, © Philippe Decrauzat

Philippe Decrauzat & Alan Licht - Anisotropy

, © Philippe Decrauzat

Philippe Decrauzat & Alan Licht - Anisotropy

The film Anisotropy (2014, 40 min) shows sequences of a rotating aluminium sculpture that originally served as a scientific object to explore wave refraction. In league with the noisy improvisations of Alan Licht, the technoid black-and-white close-ups of the sculpture create an eerily haunting atmosphere, kindling associations with the early days of cinema, with mechanisation and automation.

Swiss artist Philippe Decrauzat works as a professor at the Lausanne Art School. His works have been shown in numerous international exhibitions in Europe and America. Alan Licht, an American musician, composer and author, is native to numerous genres and known for his compositions in such fields as pop music, noise, free jazz and minimal music. The aluminium sculpture Anisotropy that forms the key component of the eponymous cinematic work is currently on display in the Kunsthalle Wien’s exhibition The Promise of Total Automation.


Anisotropy is part of a co-operation with Kunsthalle Wien. Also as part of this co-operation, brut shows the performance CPR Practice by Korean artist Geumhyung Jeong on 7 April at brut. Furthermore there is a discount on brut performance ticket prices upon presenting a ticket from Kunsthalle Wien. Vice versa, those who present a ticket from any brut performance receive tickets at a reduced price of 2 € on a one-time-only basis in March, April and May 2016 at Kunsthalle Wien.


A co-production of Centre Culturel Suisse Paris and La Bâtie – Festival de Genève.
With the kind support of Pro Helvetia.

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March 2016

Thu. 31.03.2016, 20:00
16 € / 12 € / 8 €

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