Part of the series of events of the Interuniversity Research Network Elfriede Jelinek

Gefährdung des Körpers. Künstler*innengespräch zur Performance "oracle and sacrifice in the woods"

With Mariama Diagne, Claudia Bosse + Team, hosted by Rosa Eidelpes

Endangering the body. Artists' talk about the performance “oracle and sacrifice in the woods”

Online Livestream
Talk in German
{Symbiose} {Transformation} {Forschungsverbund Elfriede Jelinek}

Dance scientist Mariama Diagne is in conversation with Claudia Bosse and the team of the performance ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods, which is designed for a performance in the meadows and woods of the Vienna Prater. A discussion about the role of the body in dance and performance, choral collective body constellations, the blurring boundaries between man and nature, and the delimitation of stage space into landscape.
The Artis Talk is part of a series of events that accompany the lecture series Text. Notation . Performance – Interdisciplinary Perspectives takes place, organized by the Interuniversity Research Network Elfriede Jelinek in the summer semester 2021.

© Ferdinando Scianna / Magnum Photos / Agentur Focus
, © Claudia Bosse

Claudia Bosse – ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods

Click here for the livestream on June 15th, 5.30 pm

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The performance ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods is created with the forest, with plants, fungi, roots, insects and deals with the ecology of the forest, its symbiotic ways of life. Which cooperations, constant transformations between living beings and substances can be found in the landscape of the forest?
The live premiere of ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods had to be postponed to the 2021/22 season due to covid-19.

Dates & Tickets

June 2021

Tue. 15.06.2021, 17:30
Free admission. No registration required. Online livestream on

Online Livestream


The live premiere of ORACLE and SACRIFICE in the woods had to be postponed to the 2021/22 season due to covid-19.

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06.06.2021 - 17.06.2021

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Sportplatz Europa. Order your board game now!

Europe, a Sports Field

Interactive game
World premiere
in German

16.06.2021, 19:00

Florian Malzacher

Gesellschaftsspiele: The Art of Assembly VI. ASSEMBLING MORE THAN HUMANS

With Radha D‘Souza & Sibylle Peters. Hosted by Florian Malzacher

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June 2021
Cordula Daus, Charlotta Ruth & Team

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June 2021
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