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imagetanz 2021
{rhythm} {poetry} {humour}

Before their new performance More or Less will celebrate its world premiere at brut in April, performance duo Sööt/Zeyringer allow participants of the workshop Temporary Collections glimpses into their artistic practice. Tiina Sööt and Dorothea Zeyringer create rhythmic, poetic structures by using every-day movement, language and objects. The workshop’s subject will be collecting. The participants will join Sööt/Zeyringer in exploring how personal collections arise and how to transform research into poetic, humorous images. Objects telling private stories become the starting point for performative exercises. The workshop analyses how personal and collective decisions change the meaning, functionality and performative potential of those objects. Individually, in pairs and in groups, short performances will be created based on a number of tasks and subsequently shared with the rest of the group.

, © Dorothea Zeyringer, Tiina Sööt

Sööt / Zeyringer

INFO: Free admission. Please register at anmeldung@kunstraum.net

Artists Tiina Sööt and Dorothea Zeyringer have been working together in Vienna since 2012. At the intersection of visual art, dance and theatre, their performances discuss both societally relevant and personal issues in a poetic, humorous manner. Their work has been presented at such venues as brut Wien, Tanzquartier Wien, Sophiensæle Berlin, Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava Tallinn, Schauspiel Köln, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich and the National Dance Center Bucharest. Sööt/Zeyringer are winners of a TURBO Residency at the ImPulsTanz festival, the Federal Chancellor’s Office’s Performing Arts Award and the Stockholm Fringe’s Young Stoff Award. They were Resident Artists of Fleetstreet Hamburg in 2018 and part of Freischwimmen – Plattform für Performance und Theater in 2019.


Featuring Tiina Sööt & Dorothea Zeyringer

A collaboration of brut Wien and Kunstraum Niederoesterreich.

Dates & Tickets

INFO: Free admission. Please register at anmeldung@kunstraum.net

March 2021

Fri. 19.03.2021, 14:00 - 18:00
INFO: Free admission. Please register at anmeldung@kunstraum.net

Online via zoom



Event recommendations

13.03.2021, 16:00

Susanne Songi Griem

Handle with care with Susanne Songi Griem

Library of Unfinished Memories // Fish and Swan in Negligee

Studio visit / Performance
in German/English/Spanish/Korean

27.03.2021, 16:00

Frida Robles and maria mercedes

Handle with care featuring HUGGY BEARS Part 2

with contributions by Frida Robles and maria mercedes

Studio visit / Performance / brut series
in English language


Sööt/Zeyringer – Angry Hour
Letters for later

Sööt/Zeyringer – Angry Hour

PhD student at University of Vienna and journalist, Wera Hippesroither shares her thoughts about "Angry Hour" by Sööt/Zeyringer in a new edition of "Letters for later".
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brut all over Vienna

brut nordwest


Nordwestbahnstraße 8-10, 1200 Vienna
Subway: U1, U2 (Praterstern), U4 (Friedensbrücke), U6 (Dresdnerstraße) Tram: 5 (Nordwestbahnstraße) Bus: 5A (Wasnergasse)

March 2024
Claire Lefèvre
LOIE (is a fire that cannot be extinguished)
March 2024
kinderhände association with Pam Eden
Austrian sign language – Introducing, mediating, integrating in artistic practice
March 2024
Transformative Narratives (Lena Kuzmich, Tony Wagner & Guests)
Choir of Kin – Installation
March 2024
Transformative Narratives (Lena Kuzmich, Tony Wagner & Guests)
Choir of Kin – performance
March 2024
Tanja Erhart & Julischka Stengele, Pam Eden, Eva Egermann & Cordula Thym, Katharina ‘Senki’ Senk, Liv Schellander, Noa Winter
The Art of Access: Creating access, Shaping accessibility
March 2024
Katharina ‘Senki’ Senk and Theresa ‘Ray’ Scheinecker
A Tactile Introduction into the installation Choir of Kin
March 2024
Matteo Haitzmann with Arthur Fussy & Judith Schwarz
Make it count
March 2024
Noa Winter
Artistic Accessibility– Institutional Ableism, Privileges, and the Removal of Barriers
March 2024
isocialbutterflyy x bossschnuffi
imagetanz Closing Party

brut at Metro Kinokulturhaus


Johannesgasse 4, 1010 Vienna
Subway: U3 (Stephansplatz), U4 (Stadtpark),Tram: 1, 2, 71, D, U2Z (Oper, Karlsplatz)

brut at WUK performing arts


Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Vienna
Subway: U6 (Währinger Straße / Volksoper), Tram: 40, 41, 42 (Währinger Straße / Volksoper), 5, 33 (Spitalgasse), 37, 38, 40, 41, 42 (Spitalgasse / Währinger Straße)

March 2024
Ceylan Öztrük
Wearing the Angles, Kissing the Room

studio brut

not accessible

Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Wien
Subway: U3 (Zieglergasse), Tram: 49 (Westbahnstraße / Zieglergasse)

March 2024
Yoh Morishita
March 2024
Mads Floor Andersen
Bound [Earthbound Series]

brut nordwest – rehearsal space

not accessible

Nordwestbahnstraße 8-10, 1200 Vienna

March 2024
Handle with care featuring HUGGY BEARS Part 1 & 2
March 2024
Handle with care featuring HUGGY BEARS part 3 & 4