Christopher Wurmdobler

Back to Square One

brut im Café 7Stern Wohnzimmer
Lecture / Performance in German
{rewind} {reset} {L.A. photo love story}

For Christopher Wurmdobler, long-served former Falter journalist and Nesterval performer, “Back to square one” means back to the male prostitutes, drag queens, hustlers, pimps and bunnies of his literary past. Inspired by photographs he found, Wurmdobler has created an “in-between piece” about his transition from journalist to author with hitherto unpublished descriptions and stories he is now ready to present in images and texts. Readings from his new novel Reset will complete the performance.

, © Gregor Hofbauer

Christopher Wurmdobler – Alles auf Anfang

Before he took up writing novels, Christopher Wurmdobler worked as a journalist for a very long time. In the autumn of 2019, he published his second novel (Reset, Czernin publishers). News was followed by fiction, but what happened in between? Christopher Wurmdobler is now ready to present hitherto unpublished material he wrote in this very phase of change in a lecture performance entitled Back to Square One. In this “in-between piece”, he portrays the life of a group of outsiders in early 1980s Los Angeles using image captions and stories based on fifty found – and staged – photographs. In doing so, he creates miniatures on Carlos, Cody, Beth, Trish and other glamourous characters eking out a gloomy living in a Los Angeles suburb in the early 1980s.

Christopher Wurmdobler studied applied theatre studies in Gießen, worked as a journalist for a couple of years and now makes books and – as part of the Nesterval ensemble – theatre. His most recent novel Reset was published by Czernin in autumn 2019. He lives and mostly works in Vienna and is happy to keep it that way.


Created by and featuring Christopher Wurmdobler

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January 2020

Sat. 18.01.2020, 21:00
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brut im Café 7Stern Wohnzimmer
Siebensterngasse 31, 1070 Wien

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