Henrike Iglesias

(Gorging) Academy

Teaching body: Sirka Elspaß, Franzis Kabisch and mirabella paidamwoyo dziruni, Julischka Stengele

studio brut, Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Vienna
Workshop in German (simultaneous interpretation for English on request)
{feminist dream school} {eating and empowerment} {body positivity}

Henrike Iglesias and brut invite you to the  project day: (Gorging) ACADEMY is the feminist dream school that Henrike Iglesias her*self would have liked to attend. Between the library, video library and lots of snacks, you can expect critical and empowering perspectives on the overall social obsession with the subject of food, injurious body norms and the question of how we can finally eat them up.

, © Henrike Iglesias

Henrike Iglesias – (Fress-)Academy Projekttag


4pm - 4:45pm: physical education with Miss Löffler-Koch and french fries expert Alex

5pm - 6pm: EMPOWERMENT VIA INSTAGRAM with Sirka Elspaß

6pm - 6:45pm: FAT DISTRIBUTION with Julischka Stengele

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In the video and reading corner of the class room there is the chance to watch video messages. They feature national and international guest teachers addressing students and share a special skill of theirs and the personal response to the question: how does the school of your dreams look like?




PHYSICAL EDUCATION with Miss Löffler Koch and french fries expert Alex (4pm - 4:45pm)

For todays gymnastics lesson the sport teacher Miss Löffler Koch invited a special guest: lifestyle influencer and fries expert Alex of the internationally known fitness program `Bauch Beine Pommes´ ´ will show us with effective practices, how we train away body shaming and incapacitate strange body norms. A balanced sport-food ratio is provided.

Franzi Kabisch (Miss Löffler- Koch) likes to make movies, nonsense and art. On 2017 she conceived the YouTube series `Bauch Beine Pommes´ with Sofi Utikal. In a survey of `heute´ 37 percent of the readers say: ` The clip is funny! It made me think reflective. ´

French fries expert Alex or mirabella paidamwoyo dziruni works with over sexualized, exoticized and objective bodies. Her main focus is on showing intensive or soft feelings and motivate observers to think into different perspectives. Common power structures, heteronormativity and current opinions are questioned by the actions of the social queer resistance.



EMPOWERMENT VIA INSTAGRAM with Sirka Elspaß (5pm - 5:45pm)

The social media plattform Instagram is known for its shiny front. But what lies behind it? And how can Insta help us to change our usual perspective towards bodies completely? In EMPOWERMENT VIA INSTAGRAM Sirka Elspaß wants to answer these questions together with the students. You will write empowered letters to your own body. The form: a post on Instagram. The thought experiment can be pushed to the limit.

Sirka Elspaß studied creative writing and culture journalism in Hildesheim before she switched to the study of `speech art´ at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in Oktober 2018. Since then she lives and works as an poet and artist. Till 2019 she mostly blogged about mental illness on her Instagram account @fredminuserika and tried to break the stereotype of the social media plattform. At the moment she is working on her first lyric book.


FAT DISTRIBUTION with Julischka Stengele (6pm – 6:45pm)

As an expert for fat and fat distribution Julischka Stengele is teaching her pupils the skills of passionated sugar delight and fun about (the own) flab. Besides there is the chance of collecting first practical experiences in incorporating the patriachy and puking it undigested.

Julischka Stengele is a famous expert in fat distrubution; her anticapitalistic protest-belly continually gets blocked on Instagram. Sie is also a professional smashed potatoe eater and often has affairs with jelly. Unenjoyable for her: hypocritical health concern trolls and self-righteous upper class vegans with wrong views on consume critics.


Henrike Iglesias is a queer-feminist theatre collective based in Berlin and Basel. Their theatre of operations ranges from the popular to the political, crossing the personal. For Henrike Iglesias, phenomena of popular culture and the mass media mirror social situations and grievances, so they set out to shed a light on them from feminist perspectives. Their piece OH MY opened the 2019 imagetanz festival at brut.


Concept Henrike Iglesias (Eva G. Alonso, Anna Fries, Laura Naumann, Malu Peeters, Marielle Schavan, Sophia Schroth) and Anna Wille project day coordination ehrliche Arbeit culture office Teaching body Sirka Elspaß, Franzis Kabisch and mirabella paidamwoyo dziruni, Julischka Stengele.

The ACADEMY is a project by Henrike Iglesias in a coproduction with SOPHIENSÆLE, established during the `The Future is F*E*M*A*L*E Festival´. The ACADEMY Project Day is happening in a coproduction with brut Wien.

Dates & Tickets

February 2020

Thu. 27.02.2020, 16:00 - 19:00
Fully booked

studio brut, Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Vienna
Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Wien


Please register via ticket link.

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studio brut, Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Vienna

studio brut

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Handle with care featuring HUGGY BEARS
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March 2020
Dominik Grünbühel & Charlotta Ruth with Jenni-Elina von Bagh, Anna Öberg und PETER
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March 2020
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Combination Ticket

studio brut / brut at Kosmos Theater

Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Wien
U3 Zieglergasse, Tram 46 Zieglergasse

March 2020
Inge Gappmaier and Claudia Lomoschitz
Combination Ticket

brut im Kempelenpark

Gudrunstraße 11, 1100 Wien
U-Bahn: U1 (Reumannplatz), Tram: 6, 11 (Absberggasse)

brut im Kosmos Theater

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March 2020
Claudia Lomoschitz
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February 2020
Henrike Iglesias