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The Future of Resistance – Heimat: A Nightmare

brut im Literaturhaus Wien
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As a continuation of the Interspeeches event in brut, the evening in the Literaturhaus is dedicated to the Heimat: A Nightmare: Since the entry of right-wing populist and right-wing extremist politicians into and out of parliaments, the term "Heimat" is experiencing a political renaissance that it has long since ceased to be used only as a central slogan in the language of the extreme right.

, © © Sabrina Richmann, Schilder: Christophe Köster / Marius Wenker

Nazis & Goldmund – Die Zukunft des Widerstands 1

, © © Sabrina Richmann, Schilder: Christophe Köster / Marius Wenker

Nazis & Goldmund – Die Zukunft des Widerstands 1

, © © Sabrina Richmann, Schilder: Christophe Köster / Marius Wenker

Nazis & Goldmund – Die Zukunft des Widerstands 1

The editor Florian Kessler and the author Gerhild Steinbuch talk with the author Senthuran Varatharajah about the connections between "Heimatliebe and a politics of raw bourgeoisie based on collective affects and ask about possibilities of solidarity in the face of widespread enmity and discrimination".

Since early 2019, Nazis & Goldmund have been organising a number of discursive formats entitled “The Future of Resistance” that explore artistic forms of resistance. Next, a reading and a talk in collaboration with brut Wien and Literaturhaus Wien will focus on the increase of aggression in society and ways to represent it in art: Where does this anger come from? How do strategies of public shaming factor in? Are they exclusively a means of humiliation or could they also be productive in shining a light on moral responsibility?

In the summer of 2018, the writers’ collective Nazis & Goldmund organised a conference in Berlin entitled Ängst is now a Weltanschauung, that focused on the erosion of democracy. Colleagues from literature and other fields of art came together to create a space for reflection. Their aim was to phrase a straightforward plea against the normalisation of nationalist, illiberal, neo-Nazist tendencies, but also to find positive visions for society and the future of the entire planet.

Senthuran Varatharajah, born 1984 in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Studied philosophy, Protestant theology and comparative religious and cultural studies at the Philipps-Universität Marburg, the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and at King's College London. 2016 Publication of the multi-award-winning debut novel Vor der Zunahme der Zeichen in S. Fischer Verlag.

Nazis & Goldmund describe themselves as a many-headed poetological monster that critically monitors the developments and actions among the European Right and their international alliances, analysing and attacking their narrative strategies and staged interventions.


Concept Nazis & Goldmund

A co-production of Nazis & Goldmund and brut Wien in co-operation with Literaturhaus Wien.

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October 2019

Mon. 14.10.2019, 19:00
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brut im Literaturhaus Wien
Seidengasse 13, 1070 Wien


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08.10.2019 - 13.10.2019

Freundliche Mitte


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13.10.2019, 19:00

Nazis & Goldmund

The Future of Resistance 1

Interspeeches 5 with Nikita Dhawan and Senthuran Varatharajah

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