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Beyond Nature – Garden Democracy

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Gewächshaus in der Nordmanngasse
Performance / Specials in German
{field test} {garden politics} {democracy and discourse}

With Club Real, we will visit the site of the democratic field test in a vacant greenhouse. It was here that the Garden Parliament met and that the Day of Executive Garden Government was held last autumn before the Garden Democracy’s Palace of Justice will open at studio brut on April 26th and 27th. Club Real will show visitors around the place where the anthropocentric world view and the imperial separation between humans and natural resources were eliminated to talk about questions like: What do phytophagous beetles dream about? Or: How did the meeting between plants, greenflies and snails in a parliamentary context go?

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Club Real – Lose Nature – Bring in Politics! The Garden Democracy’s Palace of Justice

, © Club real

Club Real 

, © Club Real



Free admission. 

Six months of democratic policy in the Garden Parliament have revealed the necessity of an independent judiciary. Are all adopted laws consistent with the Constitution and the Declaration of the Rights of Organisms? The Garden Democracy’s Palace of Justice makes the brut audience the judges over the organisms’ policies on April 26th and 27th.

Club Real is a group of artists that has been realising participatory, site-specific projects since 2000. Their installations, one-on-one encounters, political role play and participatory urban development projects invite visitors to reshape alternative concepts of reality. At the moment, Club Real are working on their project Beyond Nature – Garden Democracy in Vienna and in Berlin starting in 2019, a field test on democratic policy that experiments with a species-diverse form of government. At the 2019 Havana Biennale, they will realise a project entitled LASA 10 Carnival together with arte contextual centro LASA.






A project by Club Real, supported by KÖR – Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien in collaboration with brut Wien.

With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Cultural Department and the District of Floridsdorf.

Thanks to Sägewerk Holzhandel Franz Burger

Dates & Tickets

April 2019

Sun. 07.04.2019, 15:00
Free admission. The event is sold out.

Gewächshaus in der Nordmanngasse
Nordmanngasse 60, 1210 Wien


Free admission. 


programme April – June (PDF)


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Beyond Nature_Rule of the People in the Garden

in deutscher Sprache

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studio brut, Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Vienna

studio brut

Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Wien
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February 2020
Georg Blaschke & Jan Machacek
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March 2020
imagetanz opening
March 2020
imagetanz 2020 warm-up
March 2020
Lau Lukkarila

brut at HUGGY BEARS Art Place

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March 2020
Handle with care featuring HUGGY BEARS
Contributions by Fabian Faltin / Daphna Horenczyk / Hyeji Nam & mirabella paidamwoyo dziruni / Rhizomatic Circus Collective
March 2020
Charlotta Ruth / Johannes Burström / Anna Öberg
Living Documents Workshop:
March 2020
Handle with care selected by BEATE
March 2020
Living Documents Talk
March 2020
Handle with care mit Claire Lefèvre

brut @ Kempelenpark

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March 2020
Dominik Grünbühel & Charlotta Ruth with Jenni-Elina von Bagh, Anna Öberg und PETER
Living Documents I–V

brut at Erbsenfabrik Wien

Herklotzgasse 21, 1150 Vienna
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March 2020
Asher O´Gorman
the way of ink ••º•

brut im KunstBOGEN

Untergrundbahn Bogen 6, 1060 Wien
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March 2020
Alex Franz Zehetbauer & Guests
March 2020
Sweet screams are made of these

brut in der Erbsenfabrik / studio brut

Herklotzgasse 21, 1150 Wien

March 2020
Asher O´Gorman and hannsjana
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studio brut / brut im kosmos Theater

Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Wien

March 2020
Inge Gappmaier and Claudia Lomoschitz
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brut im Kempelenpark

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brut im Kosmos Theater

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March 2020
Claudia Lomoschitz
Soft Skills

brut at Vronihof

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U-Bahn: U6 (Alserstraße), Tram: 44 (Hernalser Gürtel)

brut im ORF RadioKulturhaus, Studio 3

Argentinierstraße 30a, 1040 Wien
U-Bahn: U1 (Taubstummengase) Tram: D (Plößlgasse)

February 2020
Theater im Bahnhof
GUESTS – A Concentrated Talk Show featuring Pia Hierzegger and Guests

brut at Dschungel Wien

MuseumsQuartier Wien, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna
U-Bahn: U2 (Museumsquartier, Volkstheater), U3 (Volkstheater), Bus: 13A (Mariahilfer Straße / Stiftgasse), 57A (Burgring), Tram: 1, 2, 71, D (Burgring)

February 2020
Henrike Iglesias