Lukas Kranzelbinder & The Blind Owls

in the context of NIGHTWATCH by

brut im alten Kino Sandleiten
Urban performance TV series Free admission!
{lay down concert} {sleepwalking surf music} {jazz}
, © Severin Koller – Lukas Kranzelbinder & The Blind Owls

, © Christian Raab – NIGHTWATCH

, © Christoph Strotz und Christian Raab, Nachtwache

14 June promises to be a special evening at the Sleepeasy. Jazz musican and composer Lukas Kranzelbinder, who also is responsible for the NIGHTWATCH soundtrack, comes together with The Blind Owl to play a concert which can be enjoyed whilst laying down.

Lukas Kranzelbinder is jazz bassist and composer and works on projects in different genres since 2008. In 2016, he got to play the opening concert at the Jazzfest Saalfelden, which makes him the youngest to ever do so. For that occasion he formed his band Shake Stew, which went on to now being the poster child of the younger scene. He is part of the trio Interzone, plays concerts on mountain tops over 2000m and brought to stage the spanisch Surf Rock Opera Muchagusto and a musical theatre performance of Jedermann.


The concert takes place in the context of NIGHTWATCH by In May and June, the performance TV collective will shoot a participatory science-fiction series for TV. NIGHTWATCH is set in a world that could be hours: a 24/7 rhythm rules everyday life. Nights are bereft of darkness and sleep is first optimised, then banned altogether. Hardly anyone dares to dream. And yet, there is some resistance against this regime of sleeplessness. A sleepeasy opens in Ottakring, a secret place where people meet for collective sleeping. Hope for a blackout is alive. Further information

Dates & Tickets

June 2018

Thu. 14.06.2018, 20:30
brut at Altes Kino Sandleiten Free admission!

brut im alten Kino Sandleiten
Liebknechtgasse 32, 1160 Wien

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