Dirty Flash Dancers

A Nesterval Reunion Party

brut at WERK X-Eldorado
imagetanz 2018
{party} {dance dirty} {one naughty night only}

It’s no secret that Nesterval enjoy the odd dance. So, for March 17th, the cast of their acclaimed show Nesterval’s Dirty Faust announces an evening of dancing at brut at Eldorado as part of imagetanz 2018.

, © Alexandra Thompson

Dirty Flash Dancers, A Nesterval Reunion Party

Again, it’s time to chat with Nesterval characters Herr Direktor Josef, Flora Neumann, Anton Putz or the Muths and the Water Melon, but also to get carried away by 80s music and finally dance the merengue again. The sounds will be contributed by none other than Frau Zimmermann (Pyromana) and Frau Zahlberger (Aston Matters) of the Naughty Night DJ team.

Nesterval’s cast of more than 30 includes performers, drag artists and amateur actors, who will outline the history of the Nesterval family in various constellations. In a mix of classic gaming and immersive theatre, Herr Finnland and his team create performance adventures that turn their participants into actors in the play, authorised to determine what happens next. Nesterval has a repertory of ten public city adventures, but they have also staged numerous commissioned works, such as Nesterval. The Final Ball (imagetanz Festival, brut Wien, 2016), Where the F*** Is Alice (Karl’s Day, 2017), The Return of Eleonore Nesterval (steirischer herbst 2015).


Featuring Romy Hrubeś, Aston Matters, VJ Alkis and the Nesterval Ensemble 2018

A co-production by Nesterval and brut Wien.


Dates & Tickets

March 2018

Sat. 17.03.2018, 22:00
WERK X-Eldorado 4 € / Eintritt frei mit brutkarte

brut at WERK X-Eldorado
Petersplatz 1, 1010 Wien


No pre-sale! Tickets are available at the box office from 10 pm.

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