Laura Meuris & Pawel Dudus

Only love is real

Handle with care Special

Pernerstorfergasse 5, 1100 Wien
Specials / Meeting point / Dance studio visit in English
imagetanz 2017 brut Extras
{love & magic} {choreography & energy} {meet the artist}

Studio Matsune, Pernerstorfergasse 5/B4, 4th floor, 1100 Vienna

, © Dudus-Meuris

Laura Meuris & Pawel Dudus - Only love is real

, © Dudus-Meuris

Laura Meuris & Pawel Dudus - Only love is real

, © Dudus-Meuris

Laura Meuris & Pawel Dudus - Only love is real

The regular Handle with Care format at brut involves inviting audiences and colleagues to see initial sketches and talks, opening rehearsal processes and creating room for dialogue and exchange. Artists try out parts of their works in front of a limited audience in order to receive feedback, turning the spectactors into accomplices. During the imagetanz festival, there will be two special editions of Handle with Care: In one of them, two young artists, Laura Meuris & Pawel Dudus, invite the audience to a studio visit, allowing peeks into how they develop and create their pieces.

The dancer and visual artist Laura Meuris and the dancer Pawel Dudus have been working on a research project revolving around the subject of love for one year. In their project, they focus on topics like magic and energy, intuition and trust, sensibility and unconditional bonds. At the studio visit in the course of imagetanz, they will invite the audience to engage in critical debate, active participation, sensual interaction and observation.

Laura Meuris is an artist from Belgium who lives in Vienna. She studied ballet and contemporary dance, as well as painting and philosophy. She showed her first pieces in the Netherlands, and she appeared in pieces by Benoît Lachambre, Akemi Takeya, Alain Platel and others as a dancer. Pawel Dudus is a Polish artist living in Vienna. He studied contemporary dance and has danced in performances by Georg Blaschke, Akemi Takeya, Alessandro Sciarroni and others.

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Created by and featuring: Laura Meuris and Pawel Dudus Sound composer Luiza Schulz

Dates & Tickets

March 2017

Sat. 04.03.2017, 17:00
Studio Matsune 3 €

Tue. 07.03.2017, 17:00
Studio Matsune 3 €

Sat. 11.03.2017, 17:00
Studio Matsune 3 €

Pernerstorfergasse 5, 1100 Wien
Pernerstorfergasse 5, 1100 Wien


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