Out and about featuring irreality.tv & Tracing Spaces

Interventions in the City

Meeting point: Museum Nordwestbahnhof
Talk / City walking tour in German
{Art in public spaces} {Go northwest} {Theory & practice}

The artist collectives irreality.tv and Tracing Spaces have been producing artistic interventions in public spaces for several years. Now, they join forces for a walk across the area of Vienna’s former Northwest station. As part of brut’s Out and about series, their tour from the Museum Nordwestbahnhof to a truck service station in the same area will point out artistic projects in the public space and around Northwest station. irreality.tv and Tracing Spaces will talk about their work in the city’s public areas with a special focus on what artistic interventions in public spaces can achieve.

, © irreality.tv

Out and about featuring irreality.tv & Tracing Spaces – Interventions in the City

, © irreality.tv

Out and about featuring irreality.tv & Tracing Spaces – Interventions in the City

Michael Hieslmair and Michael Zinganel (Tracing Spaces) have run the Museum Nordwestbahnhof since 2015. Their main aim is to explore the vivid history of downtown Vienna’s last big terminal for the transnational goods traffic between the city and both the North Sea ports and the Middle East, which was still in use until 2022.

Their site-specific project CARGO VIENNA is an open-air exhibition concentrating vestiges of the station that have remained on the property into a mini hub or memory sculpture and examining how the infrastructure and people who informed work at Vienna’s Northwest station in those final years have been pushed out.

In May and June of 2023, the collective irreality.tv collective visited various places around the Northwest station area with a ping-pong table, inviting people to play – a round of ping-pong. The result is a semi-documentarian, semi-fictional TV series entitled PING PONG SPLIT SCREEN which is now ready to hit the big screen at brut nordwest to tell the tales of all the things that happened around this ping-pong table. In recent years, irreality.tv has co-produced the following works with brut Vienna at public locations all around Vienna: The Ring of Nibelungenviertel, Nightwatch, The Hantological Congress, and Exit Ghost – Season II.


Featuring Michael Hieslmair & Michael Zinganel (Tracing Spaces) as well as Daniel Ladnar, Lars Moritz, Esther Pilkington, Jörg Thums (irreality.tv) and Otmar Wagner & Simon Oberhammer

A collaboration of brut Wien, irreality.tv, and Tracing Spaces. The project CARGO VIENNA is funded by KÖR Wien.

Dates & Tickets

October 2023

Sat. 14.10.2023, 17:00 - 19:00
Pay as you can on site / Registration starting September 20

Meeting point: Museum Nordwestbahnhof
Nordwestbahnstraße 16, 1200 Vienna

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14.10.2023, 20:00



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Nordwestbahnstraße 8-10, 1200 Vienna
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March 2024
Claire Lefèvre
LOIE (is a fire that cannot be extinguished)
March 2024
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Austrian sign language – Introducing, mediating, integrating in artistic practice
March 2024
Transformative Narratives (Lena Kuzmich, Tony Wagner & Guests)
Choir of Kin – Installation
March 2024
Transformative Narratives (Lena Kuzmich, Tony Wagner & Guests)
Choir of Kin – performance
March 2024
Tanja Erhart & Julischka Stengele, Pam Eden, Eva Egermann & Cordula Thym, Katharina ‘Senki’ Senk, Liv Schellander, Noa Winter
The Art of Access: Creating access, Shaping accessibility
March 2024
Katharina ‘Senki’ Senk and Theresa ‘Ray’ Scheinecker
A Tactile Introduction into the installation Choir of Kin
March 2024
Matteo Haitzmann with Arthur Fussy & Judith Schwarz
Make it count
March 2024
Noa Winter
Artistic Accessibility– Institutional Ableism, Privileges, and the Removal of Barriers
March 2024
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March 2024
Ceylan Öztrük
Wearing the Angles, Kissing the Room

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Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Wien
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March 2024
Yoh Morishita
March 2024
Mads Floor Andersen
Bound [Earthbound Series]

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not accessible

Nordwestbahnstraße 8-10, 1200 Vienna

March 2024
Handle with care featuring HUGGY BEARS Part 1 & 2
March 2024
Handle with care featuring HUGGY BEARS part 3 & 4