Katharina Senk & Tanja Erhart: CROSS _ BORDER _ BALANCE – A GAME!

While Katahrina Senk is in Vienna and Tanja Erhart in London, they came up with an idea on how to play a game via skype. "CROSS_BORDER_BALANCE – A GAME!" was born and everyone is invited to play.

We are Katharina Senk, a female, white, two-legged dancer connected from Vienna AUT and Tanja Erhart, a female, white, three-legged dancer with her two crutches connected from London UK. We have been collaborating and dancing together for over 2 years now. We take a great interest in the aesthetics of access and how to create multisensorial performances. In our artistic research we are exploring ways of how Tanja’s crutches move us rather than how we can move them and today we want to share what they teach us about balancing. 




 To find out more about us and our work, have a look onto our websites: https://www.katharinasenk.com/ and https://tanjaerh.art or follow us on Instagram: senk.i and tanja.erhart and let us know how it was for you playing the game! 

Loads of Love,

Katharina, Tanja & The Two Crutches 


We want to thank brut Wien for their support and for inviting us to „ new art on…line“. And we thank our collaborators and supporters METAL Culture UK, Im_Flieger KünstlerInnen-Initiative, Mollusca productions, beat1060 Wien, MA 7 - Abteilung für Kunst & Kultur, D.ID - Dance Identity and ImPulsTanz-Festival Vienna. DANKE!


13.03.2020 - 14.03.2020

Handle with care selected by BEATE (Cancelled)

Contributions by Tanja Erhart & Katharina Senk / Julia Müllner

studio visit / Performance

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studio brut

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