Doris Uhlich


Performance / Dance Erstaufführung
All Machines Welcome!
{body} {energy} {diversity}

Doris Uhlich has invited the dancer/choreographer Michael Turinsky to work with her in exploring the body, its physicality, energy and ecstasy. What are the movements that act like batteries for Michael Turinsky to recharge his body? Where does the body depart to while its batteries keep filling up?

, © Peter Empl

Doris Uhlich - Ravemachine

, © Theresa Rauter

Doris Uhlich - Ravemachine

, © Peter Empl

Doris Uhlich - Ravemachine

, © Peter Empl

Doris Uhlich - Ravemachine

, © Theresa Rauter

Doris Uhlich - Ravemachine

People with physical impairments are not usually associated with energy, energy discharge or ecstasy – we associate them with implosion rather than explosion, standstill rather than progress. In sampling the sounds of her partner’s electric wheelchair, amplifying them and translating them into thumping techno beats, Doris Uhlich generates an energy that in turn seizes Michael Turinsky. Energies of humans and machines are transferred and transformed, making the dialogue or even the whole relationship between man and machine, ecstasy and form, charge and discharge come alive. Ravemachine is a project in which two different bodies meet and mutually influence each other, exchanging impulses and thereby expanding their own physical biographies.


Choreographer/performer Doris Uhlich received the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Art and Culture’s “outstanding artist award” in 2013 and was declared “Dancer of the year” by the periodical tanz in 2011 and 2015. In addition to devising her own productions, she teaches, for example, at the Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna.

Michael Turinsky, who was born with a physical disability, found dance at 26 after having studied philosophy. He has shown his solo pieces at the Vienna Dance Festival and at Tanzquartier, among others. He also conducts research in the field of disability studies, where subjects of his publications include inclusive dance.

On Friday 21 October, there will be an artist talk following the show at brut.


MWednesday, 12 to Monday 24 October 2016
Doris Uhlich: All Machines Welcome! - A co-operation between brut and WUK performing  arts

All Machines Welcome! presents new works by Doris Uhlich and takes place at both WUK and brut. Every Body Electric, the open workshop for people with disabilities, will start at WUK on October 12th. October 20th will then see the premiere of Ravemachine at brut – a collaboration between Doris Uhlich and Michael Turinsky, in which physical, musical and mechanical energies clash (follow-up shows are scheduled for October 21st and 24th). On October 22nd, WUK performing arts will show a remix of the Ravemachine performance as an all-round version in open space without a grandstand as well as the group draft Every Body Electric followed by a rave party. All Machines Welcome!

Attention: Only a few tickets left, to buy at the box office on 20 October. The box office opens at 7 pm.


“The theatre space is about sharing, transferring and transforming the energies of all elements present: the performers, the audience, machines and sounds.” Doris Uhlich


“We shape the dynamics of energy.” Michael Turinsky


His body is so beautifully tactless.” Doris Uhlich about Michael Turinsky


“His movements […] possess qualities that immediately lead us into a world unknown to the greater part of our society.” Helmut Ploebst, Der Standard, about Michael Turinsky




Choreography Doris Uhlich Performance Michael Turinsky, Doris Uhlich Light Gerald Pappenberger Sound consultation Boris Kopeinig production Christine Sbaschnigg, Theresa Rauter

A co-production of brut and WUK performing arts with insert (Theaterverein). The draft Ravemachine was shown at WUK performing arts in June 2015. insert (Theaterverein) is supported by the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs.


Dates & Tickets

October 2016

Thu. 20.10.2016, 20:00
16 € / 12 € / 8 €

Fri. 21.10.2016, 20:00
16 € / 12 € / 8 €

Mon. 24.10.2016, 20:00
16 € / 12 € / 8 €

Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Wien


Attention: Only a few tickets left, to buy at the box office on 21 and 24 October. The box office opens at 7 pm.

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