Out and about – guided tour through the Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art

Featuring Alix Eynaudi, An Breugelmans, Cécile Tonizzo und Kathrin Pallestrang

brut at Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art
Talk Guided tour in German and English
{leather} {collection} {behind the scenes}
© Cécile Tonizzo

For this instalment of Out and about, the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art opens its doors to theatre audiences, presenting its collections up close. In preparation of Chesterfield, a piece by choreographer/dancer Alix Eynaudi, which will be shown at the museum in early December, Kathrin Pallestrang, curator of the museum’s collection of textiles and clothing, will present a selection of leather exhibits. Next, dancer Alix Eynaudi, artist Cécile Tonizzo and costume designer An Breugelmans will give insights into the development of the piece and its costumes, followed by a talk with the artists about the particularities of leather as a material, about the development of Chesterfield and the project’s connection to the Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art.

For Out and About, artists and the audience fan out to explore the city. This can include anything ranging from joint walks to meetings at special places and strolls in shopping streets. These city tours can lead off beaten tracks, question established views of the city and open up new perspectives.

Kathrin Pallestrang studied folklore/European ethnology, history and theatre studies at the University of Vienna and went on to do freelance work for projects in the field of education and culture (exhibitions and work with youth). Since 2000, Pallestrang has been part of the scientific team of the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art, where she became head of the textiles and clothing collection in 2011. Her engagement lead to intensified exhibition and publication activities in the following areas: “Emilie Flöge’s Collection of Textile Samples”, “Works by Ruthenian Refugees in World War I: Embroidery and Knotting Samples”, “The famous Jaufenthal crib from Tyrol” and “Dancing Matthias: Salzburg ‘tresterers’ on stage”.

Attention, limited space! Please register in advance at tickets@brut-wien.at

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November 2017

Sat. 25.11.2017, 15:00
Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art Eintritt frei

brut at Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art
Laudongasse 15-19, 1080 Vienna


Attention, limited space! Please register in advance at tickets@brut-wien.at

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