Out and about Special: Roadtrip to Prague

VOSTO5 and Archa Theatre present: Colonization – new origin

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Performance / Specials Trip in Czech (with German simultaneous translation)
{topsy-turvy brut} {road trip} {space}

As part of a co-production with Archa Theatre Prague, brut invites the Vienna audience to an Out and about special to Prague to see the piece Colonization – new origin by Vosto5.

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Roadtrip to Prague

, © Jan Hromadko

VOSTO 5 - Colonization-new origin

, © Jan Hromadko

VOSTO 5 - Colonization-new origin

, © Jan Hromadko

VOSTO 5 - Colonization-new origin

, © Jan Hromadko

VOSTO 5 - Colonization-new origin

, © Jan Hromadko

VOSTO 5 - Colonization-new origin

, © Jan Hromadko

VOSTO 5 - Colonization-new origin

It is a piece about the infinity of space that asks the omnipresent question whether there is life on other planets. Inspired by Czech sci-fi comic books, Vosto5 set off to find remote galaxies and the roots of man’s never-ending dreams of colonisation that makes him want to populate new planets. Or is it not humanity but an entirely different species that is currently about to conquer space?

The performance takes place at Archa Theatre in Prague. During the bus ride, Martin Becker, author of Gebrauchsanweisungen für Prag und Tschechien, will get us in the mood for Prague by telling stories about the Czech Republic and anecdotes about Archa Theatre.

Over 20 years, the multiple awards winning company Vosto5 plays an important role in the Czech theatre scene. Their work is characterized by sharp and ironic humour, references to modern cabaret and a wide range of themes. The core of the theatre is made up of five artists and actors – Petr Prokop, Ondřej Cihlář, Jiří Havelka, Tomáš Jeřábek and Ondřej Bauer – who in addition to their activities in Vosto5 have also enjoyed success in their own work and other activities outside of the group.

Archa Theatre is not only one of the bestknown places for performance art and contemporary art in Europe, it’s also like brut part of the European network House on Fire. So, this Sunday, we will go on a brief visit with friends. Our bus will start in Vienna in the early morning, leaving fellow travellers enough time to explore Prague on their own. At 6 pm, we will gather to see the performance, and after that, the bus takes us back home to Vienna. Come along to enjoy a spring day in Prague with brut!


Detailed program

09:00 am Departure at Secession, Friedrichstraße 12, 1010 Wien
14:00 pm Arrival & Lunch
14:30 pm  Ondrej Hrab (Director of Archa Theatre) lectures about the history of Archa and gives a short tour through the theatre
15:00 pm Everybody can make a walk through Prague on their own
18:00 pm Vosto5 „Colonization – new origin“
19:00 pm Dinner at Archa Theatre
21:00 pm Departure to Vienna
01:00 pm Arrival in Vienna at Secession. In between stops at Spittelau and Schwedenplatz are possible


The ticket price includes the bus travel, admission to the theatre, and Lunch+Dinner.


There is an interesting interview with Ondrej Hrab, founder and artistic director of Archa Theatre, about the Czechat theatre szene in the last 20 years - in Prague, he will give us a guided tour through the theatre. To the Interview


A co-production by brut Wien, Archa Theater and House on Fire with support from the Cultural Programme of the European Union.

Dates & Tickets

May 2017

Sun. 21.05.2017, 09:00
brut+, Prague 44 € / 33 € / 22 €

brut +

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