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The 17th edition of ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival will take place between 25th and 30th September 2018. We now invite artists, working in any field, to propose projects that directly engage with ideas of play, playfulness, games and gaming.
A playful engagement with the spaces of Kuopio, ANTI Festival’s host city, has been at the heart of our approach to bringing vital, exciting and surprising contemporary art to this ever receptive and inquisitive community. For 2018 we’re focusing our attentions properly on play and gaming – gaming in both its contemporary sense as an engagement with digital environments but also in a more expanded sense: what games, and what play, as adults, as young people, as children, do we engaged with – what forms does play take, and where and
how to do we encounter it?
We have some clear answers, organised games are played habitually across the world – football, chess, bowls, snooker – all have their professional contexts but all too engender mass engagement and participation. Other forms of play, particularly for adults, have surfaced across the last half-century. Much is discussed around skateboarding and how that practice playfully renegotiates urban space, free-running and parkour have continued the same pursuit. Rural environments, long the space of adventure, journey and leisure, have their associated play activities and in more recent years digital and virtual technologies have created a playing space of incredible scale and value, one to rival, and royally beat, those more passive forms of entertainment.
Play and games, in forms as divergent as any other realm of human activity, sit at the heart of the contemporary experience. Games are in our pockets, on our screens, in our bodies, they are played in and on the city, the landscape, the sea, the globe. They keep us well, they move us, orientate us, challenge us, frustrate us and entertain us. Games and play have become a way – an active way – of understanding the world and each other.

For our 2018 festival ANTI is thrilled to announce partnerships with Games for Health Finland and the International Game Developers Association, Kuopio Hub. Games for Health Finland is coordinated by the Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

Submitting a Proposal
When proposing your project please take into account that ANTI Festival presents its programme in public space, this includes interior spaces and privately-owned spaces. We do not show projects in traditional cultural spaces and houses thus your proposed project will need to have an integral relationship with the place in which it is presented. All proposals must be sent using this electronic form and written in English.
The form allows a link to be made to online documentation of previous work and for applicants to attach a CV and a maximum of three supporting images. Proposals that do not strictly conform to these guidelines will not be considered.
We advice the applicants to get familiar with the artistic direction of ANTI Festival by reviewing our past projects on, for example, our Vimeo page!

The proposal deadline is 12.12.2017 (at the midnight).
Proposed projects may respond to one or more of the following areas:
Play and social space
Play and subjectivity
Play and physical space
Play and wayfinding
Game play as social encounter
Game ‘space’ as site of social exploration
Play and low/no technology
Play and technology
Virtual play
Play and wellbeing
Public play environments
Games, engagement and participation
Professionalised play
Play and leisure
Play and competition
Cross-generational play
Further information: 

The Festival Belluard Bollwerk International and Migros Culture Percentage are looking for new or nascent artistic projects on the theme of « Solitude».

Selected projects will show either in the festival’s main venue - a medieval fortress - or in another appropriate venue. All forms of artistic expression will be considered. The more interdisciplinary the better! An international jury will select the projects that will be produced within the framework of the 35th Belluard Festival (28th June to 7th July 2018) in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Applications shall be accepted from interdisciplinary artists and practitioners from other fields – citizens of Fribourg or the rest of the world, individuals or groups – submitting performative or installative projects or interventions engaging with the festival’s chosen theme.

Deadline for submissions: 10th December 2017

Find more information here.

And please spread the word!

The Belluard Festival team

Deadline: 30. November 2017

Die Abteilung Kultur der Landeshauptstadt Klagenfurt schreibt zum vierten Mal eine einmonatige Residenz für zeitgenössischen Tanz für April 2018 aus. Einreichen kann jede in Österreich lebende oder aus Österreich stammende Einzelperson, die bereits erste eigene choreographische Projekte realisiert hat. Die Residenz ermöglicht ein konzentriertes Weiterarbeiten am aktuellen Projekt.

Den Abschluss bildet eine Präsentation der Arbeitsergebnisse in der Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt



Stipendium: 2.000 Euro (inkl. Reisekosten)

Wohnraum: Künstleratelier im Europahaus Klagenfurt

Proberaum: Nutzung eines Klagenfurter Tanzstudios

Teilnahme am Trainingsangebot einer Tanzschule: optional

Coaching (künstlerisch-konzeptuell-dramaturgisch): optional



Öffentliche, moderierte Vorstellung Anfang April, Präsentation der Arbeitsergebnisse Ende April, beides in der Alpen Adria Galerie Klagenfurt. Einmaliges Training für professionelle Tanz- Performanceschaffende der Region



Maximal zwei A4-Seiten (Beschreibung des künstlerischen Arbeitsvorhabens, Biografie mit künstlerischem Werdegang, Links zu Mitschnitten usw.).


Einsendungen bis Do 30. November 2017 an:

Kontakt: Landeshauptstadt Klagenfurt, Abteilung Kultur, Theatergasse 4, 9020


Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Tel: +43 463 537-5227

Deadline: 30. November 2017

Im Herbst 2018 findet das Festival PELZVERKEHR zum dritten Mal in der Landeshauptstadt Klagenfurt statt. Wieder ist es eine Kooperation zwischen dem Tanzamt Klagenfurt und dem klagenfurter ensemble.

PELZVERKEHR präsentiert unterschiedliche choreografische Handschriften und aktuelle Positionen des zeitgenössischen Tanzes und der Performance.

Das klagenfurter ensemble und das Tanzamt Klagenfurt laden Tanz- und Performanceschaffende mit Lebensmittelpunkt in Österreich ein, Produktionen und Projekte einzureichen, die im Rahmen von „Pelzverkehr“ im Zeitraum von 18. September bis 6. Oktober 2017 im* theaterHALLE 11 gezeigt werden können. Stücke für Kinder und Jugendliche sind auch willkommen, ebenso wie Arbeiten, die in eine Langen Nacht der Museen passen.



Eingereicht werden können fertige Produktionen und Projekte, die eine Gastspielförderung des Bundes erhalten bzw. um diese ansuchen.

Bitte schicken Sie folgende Unterlagen ausschließlich auf digitalem Weg:

* Betreff: Einreichung PELZVERKEHR 2018

* Name der Gruppe/der Kunstschaffenden

* Titel des Projekts

* Projektbeschreibung von max. 2 DIN A4-Seiten

* Link zur Videodokumentation der kompletten Arbeit

* Kontaktdaten

* Vita

* Künftige Aufführungstermine


Einsendungen bis Do 30. November an:

The application form and the details of the rules are available on the website, application is open until the 15th December 2017.

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Aktuelle Spielorte

Nesterval's at Gellertplatz 7

Gellertplatz 7, 1100 Vienna
U-Bahn: U1 (Reumannplatz), Tram: 6 (Gellertplatz)

October 2017 - January 2018
Nesterval. A City Adventure
Nesterval’s Dirty Faust

brut at Theater Nestroyhof Hamakom

Nestroyplatz 1, 1020 Vienna
U-Bahn: U1 (Nestroyplatz), Bus: 5A (Nestroyplatz)

brut at Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art

Laudongasse 15-19, 1080 Vienna
Tram: 5, 33 (Laudongasse, Lange Gasse), 43, 44 (Lange Gasse), Bus: 13A (Laudongasse)

brut at Jörgerbad

Jörgerstraße 42-44, 1170 Wien
U-Bahn: U6 (Alser Straße), tram: 1, 43 (Elterleinplatz)

January - February 2018
Oleg Soulimenko
Swimming Pool

brut at WERK X-Eldorado

Petersplatz 1, 1010 Wien
U-Bahn:U1, U3 (Stephansplatz), tram: 2, 71, D (Kärntner Ring, Oper), bus: 1A, 2A (Graben/Petersplatz), 3A (Brandstätte)

January - February 2018
Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir & Laia Fabre
And all in between
February 2018
Freundliche Mitte (Gerhild Steinbuch, Sebastian Straub, Philine Rinnert u. a.)
February 2018
Freundliche Mitte (Gerhild Steinbuch, Sebastian Straub, Philine Rinnert u. a.)
Symposium angesichts des Rechtsrucks in Europa

brut at Raumstation

Schikanedergasse 2, 1040 Wien
U-Bahn: U1 (Taubstummengasse), tram: 1, 61, WLB (Paulanergasse), bus: 59A (Preßgasse)

February 2018
IG-Verlust – Internationale Gesellschaft für Verlust

brut at Konzertcafé Schmid Hansl

Schulgasse 31, 1180 Wien
U-Bahn: U6 (Währinger Straße - Volksoper) , tram: 40, 41 (Kutschkergasse)

January 2018
Theater im Bahnhof
ZU GAST – Ein Talkshowkonzentrat mit Pia Hierzegger & Gästen