New Art
on Stage
19 January
21 January
17 years of
23 January
Bring your own booze
The monthly regulars' table at brut
27 to 31 January
Gin Müller/Gorji Marzban/Jan Machacek
Fantomas Monster
Part 1/Iran: Fantomas against the Power of Extinction
28 January
Film screening & discussion with Iranian human-rights activists

The stories of Angie O.

Not my revolution if…: Stories of Angie O. is an agit musical. In a melodic way, it shows the contradictions of the neo-liberal age. Who is Angie O.? And where can you find her? At Occupy Wall Street, Battle in Seattle or at an inter-galactic conference against neo-liberalism? andcompany&Co. are presenting our society´s very own contradictions – where even charity becomes an economic factor and activism transforms to innovative production power. MERRY CRISIS AND  A HAPPY NEW FEAR!

State terrorism and superheros

„A staggering… and highly political performance“ Die Presse

Based on Iranian artist and activist Parastou Forouhar's experiences, the first part of the political thriller series Fantomas Monster by Gin Müller, Gorji Marzban and Jan Machacek addresses real-life state terrorism, resistance and escape. The performance will be accompanied by a lecture held by Parastou Forouhar, a discussion with Vienna based exiled Iranians and the screening of Tod in Teheran (Death in Teheran), a documentary about the killing of opposition politicians Dariush and Parvaneh Forouhar. Trailer

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