New Art
on Stage
5 May
Rapper lesen Rapper
Literatur ins Face
6 May
Where the f*** is Alice?
Karlstag im Wunderland
9 May
Vienna Improvisers Orchestra (Live)
one spark only - ready for red ...
11 and 12 May
Bara Kolenc & Atej Tutta
Metamorphoses 3°: RETORIKA
21 May
Out and about Special: Roadtrip to Prague
VOSTO5 and Archa Theatre present: Colonization – new origin
30 and 31 May
Safe Vienna! Save Vienna!

brut under construction

brut under construction – Due to the restoration of the Künstlerhaus, brut will have to move temporarily. For one year in the season 2017/18, we will show our performances at different locations all over Vienna: still at theatre spaces but also increasingly at non-theatrical locations, as we already did in the past with our series brut+. We are looking forward to the challenge and cordially invite you, to discover the different brut+ locations all over Vienna together with us! In autumn 2017 we will present projects by Simon Mayer, Gin Müller, Jan Machacek and Edwarda Gurrola, notfoundyet and Alix Eynaudi! And in autumn 2018 we are going to move back (for good) to Künstlerhaus with bag and baggage.

Lady Di: Queen of Hearts

26 April, 8 and 10 p.m.

“20 years ago, she died in Paris, jammed in the backseat of a Limousine. Her death plunged the British into deep sorrow, the Buckingham Palace was immersed in an ocean of flowers. And the royal ex-mother-in-law had to praise the unloved daughter-in-law in a public obituary. The deceased Lady Di aka „Queen of Hearts“ was „performer“ and „projection bias“ in one person and is thusly worth to deal with, say performing duo Navaridas & Deutinger. Mentioned performance will now enrich the programme of this year’s edition of FEEDBACK Festival by Tanzquartier and brut Vienna.“ tanz Magazin

Roadtrip with brut to Prague

Out and about Special:  Vosto5 and Archa Theatre present: Colonization – new origin

On 21 May, brut invites to a very special Out and about to our Prague partner Archa Theatre! During the bus trip, Martin Becker, author of Gebrauchsanweisungen für Prag und Tschechien  will get us in the mood for Prague. In Prag we will lunch together. After a city tour we watch the performance Colonization – new origin by the Czech group VOSTO5. Inspired by Czech sci-fi comic books, Vosto5 set off to find remote galaxies and the roots of man’s never-ending dreams of colonisation that makes him want to populate new planets. Further information

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