New Art
on Stage
30 and 31 May
Safe Vienna! Save Vienna!
7 to 10 & 13 and 14 June
toxic dreams
Home of the Not so Brave
Stories from Apartment No. 12
16 June
Szene Bunte Wähne 2017
20 June
De Danser & Theater Strahl
The Basement
Szene Bunte Wähne 2017

brut under construction

brut under construction – Due to the restoration of the Künstlerhaus, brut will have to move temporarily. For one year in the season 2017/18, we will show our performances at different locations all over Vienna: still at theatre spaces but also increasingly at non-theatrical locations, as we already did in the past with our series brut+. We are looking forward to the challenge and cordially invite you, to discover the different brut+ locations all over Vienna together with us! In autumn 2017 we will present projects by Simon Mayer, Gin Müller, Jan Machacek and Edwarda Gurrola, notfoundyet and Alix Eynaudi! And in autumn 2018 we are going to move back (for good) to Künstlerhaus with bag and baggage.

New forms of security!

30 and 31 May

Their intense research about the current security discourses led artist collective FOURDUMMIES to the central point of the subjective sense of security: into the micro area of our everyday routines. Together with their comrade-in-arms Pamela Nitrowitch, FOURDUMMIES assemble suspicious facts, indications and proof of their research at brut and develop methods on how to emancipate from a false sense of security and on how to face a supposed insecurity.

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